Sister Wives: Kody Brown Realizes That There Is No Way To Keep Christine Brown In The Family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Realizes That There Is No Way To Keep Christine Brown In The Family.

Ahead of the September 11 premiere of season 17 of Sister Wives, TLC has released clips. Over the past week, the acclaimed network has released several clips of the conversation that ended the 27-year spiritual marriage of Kody Brown and Christine Brown. In one clip, Kody proved once and for all that he really doesn’t understand how marriage and family really work.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Realizes That There Is No Way To Keep Christine Brown In The Family.

Christine Brown never seemed particularly happy in Flagstaff, Arizona, even though she had mostly agreed to move in 2018. Christine seemed largely done with Las Vegas when the family packed up and moved to the new state. Arizona didn’t seem to have what Christine was looking for.

The mother of six mentioned her interest in returning to Utah more than once over the years, but doubled down on the idea in 2020 when a pandemic separated the Brown family even further. When the rest of the Browns vetoed the idea, she broke down. By early 2021, Christine Brown was done with her marriage, but Kody wasn’t ready to let her go, according to a recent clip. In the clip, uploaded by TLC on Facebook, Kody suggested that Christine could find a new husband, get married, and bring him back to Flagstaff, where he would be integrated into the “family.”

Over the years, Kody Brown has said a few things that left “Sister Wives” fans scratching their heads. His idea of Christine integrating her new husband into the Brown family in Flagstaff may be one of the most bizarre. The suggestion was so outlandish that Sister Wives fans are now pretty sure Kody understands nothing about romance, relationships or what Christine Brown wants out of life. Reddit users are trying to find out Kody Brown’s motivation for making this bizarre proposal. Some worry that Kody hoped to keep Christine lonely and unhappy. Others are convinced that Kody was only worried about losing the money Christine brought into the family. Although Kody pointed out that he and Christine had children together, these hardly seem to be the deciding factor. After all, five of their six children are over 18 years old and three of them have been living away from Kody since 2018.

Regardless of his motivation, it’s quite clear that Kody has a rather precarious grip on reality. From the conversation, it was clear that she genuinely believes that Christine, who has expressed her deepening unhappiness in Arizona, would be far from keen on staying ‘in the family’ with a new husband by her side. Not only does Kody seem not to know his ex-wife or what she is emotionally capable of, but he also seems unclear about how divorce is traditionally handled around the world.

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