Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Christine Brown’s Marital Issues

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Christine Brown's Marital Issues

The preview for the next episode of Sister Wives highlights the key issues between Christine and Kody Brown that ultimately led to their split. Christine Brown was Kody Brown’s second wife, although they were never legally married and only had a spiritual union.

When she joined the polygamous lifestyle, it was not completely alien to her, given that she came from a polygamous family. Both her mother and her aunt were polygamous, so it is not surprising that Christine herself chose this lifestyle when it came time to marry someone. In fact, her uncle Ervil LeBaron was a polygamist and even considered himself a Mormon prophet. Although Christine remembers her family being happy in polygamy, both her mother and aunt divorced their wives.

Prior to the start of the current season, both Kody Brown And Christine Brown announced on Instagram that they were divorcing. They were in a spiritual union for 25 years before deciding to part ways. Fans had been speculating for a long time that Christine was not happy and would be the first of the women to leave the family.

Her biggest misfortune was being forced to live in Arizona while her family, including some of her children, lived in Utah. Speculation grew even more when Christine sold her house and declared herself unmarried on her papers. Christine now lives in Utah in a two-storey townhouse next to her daughter.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Christine Brown’s Marital Issues

In a preview of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, fans will find out more about what led to their decision to split up. As reported by ET, the COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in the decision. In the sneak-peek, Robyn Brown claims that Kody Brown found himself in a really dark place while in quarantine and created a set of rules that wives had to follow in order to see him. She also claims that he was the only one who followed her rules and that’s why she got to spend the most time with him.

Seeing Robyn Brown spend so much time with Kody, and seeing how close they are, was hard for Christine Brown because she realized that she and Kody are not close at all. She claims that they haven’t been on the same page for some time and it was emotionally painful for her to continue living between them. Seeing their marriage running smoothly while her own marriage was falling apart was very difficult.

Fans have always thought that Kody Brown prefers Robyn to other women and blame her for causing most of the other’s problems. They claim that Robyn is a puppet master and knows how to convince Kody to do what she wants, no matter what other women think.

Past examples include Kody Brown divorcing his first wife, Meri Brown, so he could adopt Robyn Brown’s sons, and also missing part of the birth of his and Christine’s daughter because of Robyn Brown. In general, fans think he is extremely selfish and doesn’t think about what is good for the whole family.

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