Sister Wives: Fans Blame Robyn Brown For Christine Brown And Kody Brown’s Split.

Sister Wives: Fans Blame Robyn Brown For Christine Brown And Kody Brown's Split.

Christine’decision to leave Kody Brown shocked fans of Sister Wives and many viewers hold Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown responsible for the mental break-up.

Just as it’s no surprise that Robyn gets the most affection from Kody, it’s known that fans don’t care for the sister-wife they’ve given the derisive nickname “Sobbyn Robyn”. From comments accusing Robyn of controlling Kody Brown to replacing Christine Brown in a plural marriage, here’s why fans are attacking Robyn after the breakup.

Most of the Sister Wives stars have prominent social media presences, but Robyn Brown has taken a different approach when interacting with fans online.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown all have over 500,000 followers and hundreds of posts on Instagram, but Robyn is much less popular and active. Robyn deviates from the precedent set by her trio of sister-wives as she has less than 200 000 followers and has not posted on the social media platform since March 2019.

Sister Wives: Fans Blame Robyn Brown For Christine Brown And Kody Brown’s Split.

Before Christine and Kody Brown’s 27-year spiritual marriage came to an end, Sister Wives fans had already been comfortably teasing Robyn Brown on social media. Regardless of the post, the reality tv star was sure to be in for dozens of nasty comments, mostly about Robyn Brown’s preferential treatment by Kody Brown. As you can guess, the fans’ anger towards Robyn has only increased since Christine gave up her marriage to Kody.

Kody Brown’s relationship with his wives has been explored by viewers over the past decade that the Brown family has been on television. Whether it’s Meri Brown withdrawing from Kody’s neglect to start an online relationship with a kitten or Christine Brown deciding to move to Utah instead of Kody’s Coyote Pass country home, “Sister Wives” has shown the dysfunction of most Kody marriages.

Although Kody Brown is the patriarch of a polygamous family, viewers have placed the main blame for the Brown family on Robyn. While it is true that Robyn is Kody’s most loved and cared for wife, the sister-wife is not necessarily to blame for her husband’s neglect of his first wife trio. Despite Kody being the biggest culprit in the breakdown of her and Christine’s marriage, fans have sarcastically congratulated Robyn for successfully pushing Christine Brown away from the family. On Instagram, Robyn Brown received an outpouring of comments from her critics, continuing the narrative that Robyn is responsible for Christine’s departure from a plural marriage.

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