Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship Issues

Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship Issues

Sister Wives fans have mixed thoughts about the second episode of season 16. Apparently, the second episode showed a plural family struggling with social distance in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic. For some, it simply shows how dysfunctional the polygamous family has become.

Many, however, are happy with the outcome of episode 2. Viewers also think it showed the current situation of Kody Brown and her family after a long break from the reality series.

Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship Issues

Sister Wives fans were shocked to learn more about Kody Brown’s parenthood at the start of season 16. Apparently, it was shown in the second episode that Kody doesn’t pay enough attention to her children. Fans also took to Reddit to discuss Kody Brown’s poor parenting style.

According to some, Kody Brown tries to act as if he is concerned about his children, but barely interacts with them behind the cameras. Fans also think that Kody wants to use social distance rules to stay away from his children. Fans also think that Kody Brown won’t allow his children to see each other for months on end without having some sort of backup plan to entertain them.

In addition to her poor upbringing, Sister Wives fans also noticed that Kody Brown still doesn’t show enough effort with Meri Brown. Apparently, the two have been struggling in their relationship for years. According to some, Kody no longer treats Meri Brown like a wife. Fans also recalled some scenes where Meri seemed abandoned.

Meanwhile, some think that Meri is already planning to leave Kody. Viewers also noticed Meri’s humorous demeanor and cryptic attitude towards Kody, which seems to be a hint that she is over the polygamous life.

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