Sister Wives: Looks Like Christine and Co-Wives Mix It Up

Sister Wives: Looks Like Christine and Co-Wives Mix It Up

Sister Wives Star Christine recently made a suggestion about a change and if the image she posted is a clue, then it’s a big change. The battles are over for the Sister Wives spouses on the screen, but how are they doing in real time.

Christine Brown recently shared an idea, now that she is at home with nowhere to go. It seems that change is in the wind and Christine’s daughter gave her the idea.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Christine and Co-Wives Mix It Up

All Sister Wives fans have to pass today is what Kody and his wives post or not post online in real time. But from what looks like Kody Brown dabbles in social media politics. He also seems to be fascinated by Russian wrestling, as mentioned in one of his latest posts.

Kody’s photos are few and far between, so there’s no real indication of where he spends most of his time these days. Robyn Brown remains completely silent online, so there’s nothing to suggest what she’s doing.

The youngest wife of the Sister Wives clan has not been happy during the last season. So, hopefully, things have gotten better for her.

Sister Wives: Meri Doing Some Cuddling

Meri seems to have her daughter’s dog Mosby with her today. At least the matriarch of the Sister Wives has her little friend with her during the nation’s “Stay at home” event.

She posed with the dog both inside and outside the house. Meri Brown seems to be very happy with the company she keeps during what could be a lonely time for her. The other wives have children locked up with them while the nation stays at home. But Meri’s only child is an adult and lives in Chicago.

Mariah Brown published a picture of her and the dog. She said she misses the puppy that’s with the mother of her sister wives. So, Mariah practically verified that Meri has Mosby to keep her company these days.

Then there’s Janelle Brown, a real fan favorite of the Sister Wives’ followers today. She’s the only adult in the Brown family who seemed to have a clear overview last season.

Looks like she took Hunter Brown home after graduating from the Air Force Academy. This proud six-seater mom of six pictures of three of her four boys having a good time at home.

Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, is very active on social media. She’s bringing viewers to Sister Wives with pictures of her kids.

Little Evie Brown, born with FACCO syndrome, seems to have nothing to hold her back. The angelic-looking little girl plays with her older brother Axel Brown and looks like two very happy brothers.

Written by Christine Cohan

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