Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Comforting Meri Seems Insincere

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Comforting Meri Seems Insincere

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown suggests that you, Meri Brown, and all of Kody Brown’s wives burn their marriage certificates. Robyn Brown is now Kody’s legal wife. However, Meri Brown was the first legal wife and is still considered the first wife by her co-spouses.

It’s no secret that Meri and Kody Brown’s relationship barely exists these days. But Meri keeps hoping that one day they’ll come back to a romantic place. So, as Meri Brown prepares to move to Flagstaff for the third time, she and Robyn become sincere about their current legal descriptions of their marriage to Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Comforting Meri Seems Insincere

Robyn Brown’s suggestion to Meri Brown doesn’t sound authentic. Sister Wives’ latest promo clip shows Meri Brown unpacking the boxes of her third move in just over a year. She comes across her marriage certificate for her marriage to Kody Brown. Meri has been Kody’s legal wife for almost 25 years. They got a legal divorce so that Kody could make Robyn his legal wife and adopt his three oldest children from his first marriage.

So when Meri Brown calls Robyn to show her the certificate, Robyn Brown tells Meri to burn it. Even Kody Brown’s fourth wife says she should burn hers and while they’re at it, they should burn their bras too. In fact, Robyn says all sister wives should burn their marriage certificates. Well, only she and Meri have one with Kody. Although Janelle Brown (Kody’s second wife) has one from her previous marriage to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber.

Sister Wives alum Robyn Brown thinks none of the women should have a legal marriage. She says they destroy all plural families. This puts them on a level of legal inequality, since only one wife can be recognized as Kody’s wife.

This revelation of Robyn Brown’s is very personal to her. She grew up in a plural family. Her mother was a second wife. So she knows firsthand the pain and grief her mother felt knowing that legally she could not have the recognition. Robyn Brown gets excited when she shares this with the camera. She wishes there was a way for none of them to have a legal marriage and ends her vlog by saying “burn them all”.

Sister Wives: Meri Cannot Let Go Of The Past

Sister Wives’ celeb Meri Brown decides to keep her marriage certificate to Kody Brown. She may no longer be the legally married wife, but she’s still the first wife. Meri says she’s keeping it because she “followed her heart.” Meri and Kody’s marriage was difficult long before she made the sacrifice for the family’s sake to divorce him so she could adopt Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

The Sisters Wives couple never recovered from Meri’s catfishing accident. Even if the two remain in a spiritual marriage, they are not intimate. They were in therapy working on their marriage. In fact, they were “dating” each other as well. However, it seems that these two are still far from rekindling a romantic relationship. Kody says he can’t get over what she did to them and their family.

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  1. To coty 4th wife,you and koty manipulated Meri into getting a divorce, and she makes sure koty doesn’t have a romantic interest in Meri

  2. Oh Kody, you should have built the big house. Three wives would have been there with you. Christine made a fuss but the only mind she changed is yours. Wake up and see who is there for you.

  3. Well really, Koty has been cheating on Meri for a long time. Call it what you will but…he’s got alot of nerve being upset over her Catfish antics. He is destroying peoples lives for his large Ego and sexual wants. All of you women are trama bonded to a narcissist. I hope you can all find happiness in this mess

  4. How can Kody be upset at Meri for talking to someone on the computer. He is married to three other women. Why is it ok for him to love other women and wrong for her to have just talked to someone. Does he not understand that divorce broke her heart emotionally. He needs to love Meri and try to mend their relationship.

  5. Robyn should be good to meri .she divorce kody so he could marry her,For children, kody needs to be good to Meri, she a good person who’s he think he is you have 4 wife’s deal with it ,you wanted to live like this.

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