Sister Wives: What is Kody Brown Really Up To?

Sister Wives: What is Kody Brown Really Up To?

TLC Sister Wives spoiler finds that we have seen the Brown family go through a difficult time lately. They’re still working on the land Kody Brown bought and what they’re gonna build on it. Will there be a house or several houses? What will the Brown family do? That may not be the only problem they got. Kody just bought some more land! What’s happening to him? We got the details here.

Sister Wives: What is Kody Brown Really Up To?

Kody Brown has talked a lot about his plans for the future and fans of the show are curious to know what’s on their minds. We all know that Kody just bought a big house for her so her kids can live with her while they go to college in Arizona. She made her dream of a big house come true, but now what will happen in the Brown family? Viewers are also curious to know if they have any extra money coming in because her house was a nice penny! He paid just under a million dollars for it! Wait, shouldn’t they be broke?!

Sister Wives: Kody Buys More Land

With four different plots of land on Coyote Pass, what does Kody do to buy more land? No one really knows what he’s thinking, especially since they haven’t even started building the new houses for the other three wives. Even the sister wives seem very confused about his thinking process. On the papers for the land you just bought, it’s right next to Robyn’s new house, so you’re thinking of building a new house there so you can be closer to her?

Kody kept this land secret for months, but he posted on social media that he was the proud owner of some new properties. He also talked about how much he misses his grown-up children and how he’d love it if they could all live together. Could that be the reason for buying the new land? Does he want to build a special house here for the family?

The Browns have many children living in other states and maybe this is the way he tells them he wants them to be closer. Who knows what this man still thinks?

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I just don’t know how everyone can’t see that kody is all about what robin want for her and her kids she is not thinking about the other wife’s I know that meri divorces kody so that robin could marry him so that he could adopt robin kids so now she has the upper hand on all the other wife’s robin is right where she want to be her kids are in the college they want to be in she said that they are never leaving home I REALLY DON’T SEE THEM BUILDING ON THE LAND I CAN TELL WHEN I WATCH THE SHOW THAT ROBIN IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS GETTING WHAT SHE WANT MERI ALREADY KNOW THAT IT IS OVER BETWEEN HER AND KODY HE IS NOT TRYING TO WORK ANYTHING OUT MERI THAT ⛵ HAS SAIL

  2. I am so fed up with this man, four wives and they go along with this ridiculous move. What would have happened had they all stood firm and said no?

  3. Kody can’t call himself a polygamist when he only has time for one wife,and her kids. I feel really sorry for the other children you never see Kody spend time with them or their mothers. Isn’t that what family is all about. poor truly doesn’t get any one on one time with her father because he doesn’t care about anyone other than Robin and her kids

  4. I can’t stand Kody Brown!

    He’s chauvinistic, selfish, argumentative, manipulative, self-centered and a dishonest piece of crap.

    The innocent ones in this crap-fest are the children. They have been uprooted and moved from their homes, schools, friends and any semblance of security. One beautiful daughter has paralyzing panic attacks. The kids never know where they will live, what school they will attend. They are fearful in making close friends because they have learned they will be abruptly be moved away.

    The sister wives, they chose this horrible person and what comes their way because of Kody is their problem. I say, wives, take your minor children and move on. Leave Kody Brown with his favorite person, HIMSELF!!

    I’m beyond tired of this show and will not watch another episode.

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