Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Thinks Legal Marriages Destroy Plural Families

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Thinks Legal Marriages Destroy Plural Families

In the preview clip of the next episode of Sister Wives, we can see that Meri Brown has found Robyn Brown’s marriage certificate. Looks like the two women are laughing it up like it’s no big deal. But there was a time when that piece of paper created a bit of chaos. Let’s take a closer look.

According to Robyn Brown, legal marriages can have a negative impact on plural marriages. That might be why he thinks you and Meri Brown should burn their marriage certificates. However, Meri is unable to move forward with her past. She feels like the whole family is sometimes against her. Things are getting better, but we know for a fact that the family has never recovered from Meri’s catfishing scandal.

Even though Meri and Kody Brown went to therapy, their marriage never recovered from the blow. The reason Meri might be so determined to keep her marriage certificate is that it reminds her of a simpler time with Kody Brown.

Robyn Brown Tells Her She Will Burn Her Marriage Certificate

Robyn Brown told Meri Brown that she will burn hers and Meri should burn her marriage certificate. Meri legally divorced Kody Brown about four years ago so she could adopt Robyn’s kids. Although the Brown family follows the concept of spiritual marriage, Meri chose to keep her marriage certificate. At the time, Robyn left saying she was just kidding.

In a confessional, Robyn then says that the state only allows one legal marriage in a plural family.. She goes on to say that since there is no way for everyone to be a legal wife, he prefers a scenario in which none of them are legal wives. His mother was a second wife, and he always had difficulty accepting the fact that she did not get the recognition that a wife should get.

Despite all the stress of travel and family politics, it seems that the Browns have remained intact all along. Even though it seemed that Meri Brown was about to separate from the clan, she stayed around even though her relationship with Kody is not the same. At one point, Meri and Robyn became so close that they realized it was Kody trying to turn them against each other.

Although legal marriages are not important to the Brown family, when Meri divorced Kody it had a negative impact on their relationship. She continued to feel detached and eventually fell prey to a catfishing scandal. Meri said she decided to keep the marriage certificate because it followed her heart.

Written by Emma Fisher

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