Sister Wives: Janelle Online Post Raises Questions

Sister Wives: Janelle Online Post Raises Questions

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is the trusted friend of the famous hubby with four wives, so she may know more than she lets on these days. But it seems that in his last post he may offer a suggestion about the future of the Brown family.

Janelle Brown is not a spouse of Sister Wives who traditionally plays with fans. She doesn’t talk in riddles or post cryptic messages for the fans to find out. Fans know this Sister Wives lady as the nice, even woman, and also a straight shooter.

Sister Wives: Janelle Online Post Raises Questions

That said, Janelle Brown may not even realize that her latest post leaves room for supposition. But she’s been a real star for a decade. So nothing should surprise this Sister Wives celeb when it comes to what the fans might think.

First of all, Kody Brown made Sister Wives’ viewers realize that his heart belongs in Utah.The only reason it is not their home today is that the state once had strict polygamy laws. These laws once forced them to flee Utah while the authorities locked themselves in. But anyone who follows the Sister Wives knows how much fun Kody Brown had when the laws governing polygamy in Utah changed. The state no longer prosecutes polygamists just for practicing this way of life.

This prompted fans of Sister Wives to probe the leader of the Brown clan. They jumped online to ask him if he considers Utah his next home state. So far it looks like that ship has sailed for Kody Brown. But fans know Kody Brown could change his mind in a minute.

No one knows this better than Janelle Brown who, of all four women on Sister Wives, seems to be Kody Brown’s confidante. So when Janelle Brown published her enthusiasm for the change in Utah law, she seemed to echo her shared husband’s joy.

Is Utah Next on Kody Drawing Board?

In one of the recent episodes of Sister Wives, Kody Brown learned from his lawyer that his purchase of land on Coyote Pass is a gold mine. Even before that, reports indicated that the price of the land had risen substantially. This made the land a great investment.

But as far as the wives are concerned, it’s not an investment. The land is destined as the place where the sister wives will be built forever. It’s been almost two years since this Flagstaff move became more than a light bulb in Kody’s mind. But the land is still intact.

So, Utah enters the scene. It’s the only place on Earth that Kody claims is his home. Now that the state has become a safe place for polygamous families, what happens next? Kody’s enthusiasm for changing the law is contagious, as Janelle Brown also celebrates it with a post.

Some people who follow the Sister Wives ask Kody if Utah is in the future of the family. But now Janelle Brown asks herself the same question.

So Janelle Brown’s post has raised many questions for fans of TLC’s Sister Wives series. While Kody Brown claims that Utah is not in the cards, Janelle’s “good news” suggests that the transition to that state may not be out of the question yet.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Kody is not a husband….never been one. He is a user. Robyn also knows what she is doing. She would only marry kody if he made her the wife with a marriage license. Remember she said she saw what her mother went thru being wife number 2. She is also an actress. Christine would do anything to be in that position. Even ditch her sister wives. I am through with the show. Good luck.

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