Sister Wives: Robyn Puts on Kody’s Hat?

Sister Wives: Robyn Puts on Kody’s Hat?

Sister Wives celeb Robin Brown has been blurring the lines in the Brown family lately, but it’s Meri Brown who is enduring the wrath of her shared husband.If you thought the Sister Wives clan was in turmoil in this week’s episode, wait for the next one.

When the new episode of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives rolls out next Sunday, friendly words at least seem like it. The previews for this TLC reality series seem to show some changes in family dynamics.

Sister Wives: Robyn Puts on Kody’s Hat?

While Kody Brown may think he’s the head honcho of the Sister Wives pack, it looks like he’s slipping a little these days. Hints that Robyn really controls the bus surface, both during the episodes of this TLC series and online.

Since the Sister Wives followers learned that Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown, enrolled in a Flagstaff college, a theory has been developed online. Fans had suspected all along that Robyn had orchestrated the move to this city so that her son could live at home during his studies.

While Kody Brown claimed the move was based on saving a lot of money, fans now know it cost him a fortune. In fact, he said that during one of his angry rations in a recent episode of Sister Wives.

But recent episodes also seem to indicate how Robyn Brown gets into different kinds of situations for Kody. When things get ugly, Robyn stands at the front of Sister Wives’ camera lens to explain how and why this happened.

Sister Wives: Kody Morphs Into Background

While Kody can still have his say, he doesn’t look like the only head of the family he ever did. Kody Brown seemed to drop the ball in one of the more recent incidents. But Robyn Brown seemed ready to wear the pants and play the role the Sister Wives once played with her husband.

Meri Brown was afraid she would lose all her things, because a wildfire would destroy her rented house. With everything in the world she owned in that house, she was understandably frayed. Once she got the message from before the evacuation, it seemed that Meri had lost it.

Kody Brown was there to move what Meri wanted out of the house, but it was Robin Brown who took over. First, a very thawed and tearful Meri Brown got a hug from Robyn. Then the spouse of the youngest Sister Wives let Meri Brown cry on her shoulder for a few seconds or so.

Then Robyn Brown led her into the house, trying to make sense out of the chaos. Kody Brown’s fourth wife seemed to be taking his place. She took stock of the situation and made a list of things that Meri might consider irreplaceable.

She really stepped in, as you’d expect the leader of the Sister Wives to do. However, Kody Brown just stayed in his corner and didn’t connect on an emotional level with Meri Brown. Robyn comforted Meri, calming the situation down.

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