Sister Wives Stars Kody And Meri Brown Discuss Their Marriage

Sister Wives Stars Kody And Meri Brown Discuss Their Marriage

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Kody Brown have apparently had marital problems for years. It all started when Meri stepped outside of their relationship and flirted with someone online. She was hoping to meet a charming man. But it was a woman on the other side of the computer who was fishing her out.

Ever since her cat-fishing scandal, their marriage has been the center of conversation for years. Now, after years of speculation, Meri and Kody will finally deal with the state of their marriage. They want to know if they can save their marriage. A preview clip of Sunday night’s episode has been revealed. Read on to learn more.

Sister Wives Stars Kody And Meri Brown Discuss Their Marriage

This does not seem to be positive news for the couple, according to the International Business Times. Meet with a therapist as they finally address the marital issues. However, it looks like it may be too late to save their marriage. “Our relationship has been pretty tough,” Meri Brown tells the TLC producers. “People are always asking me why I’m not leaving.”

Meri is aware of the Sister Wives’ fans who are questioning her decision to stay in the Brown family. She still feels the commitment to their marriage and the extended family that she helped to raise with Kody and her sister wives. She is aware that there is no point in saving their marriage. Meri says that love is gone. “The relationship between me and him is gone,” admits Meri. “He’s dead, he’s finished.”

Kody Brown agrees with her. He even says that Meri’s cat-fishing scandal isn’t the only problem in their marriage. It turns out that they have had problems well throughout their 25-year marriage. Kody and Meri rushed into things without thinking about them. “Meri and I had a very quick courtship,” he says in the film. “I didn’t know who I was marrying.”

Kody is also exhausted with his own problems. He admits he’s “finished hearing how wrong I am.” He also seems to have gone too far in solving their problems.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Also Has A Strained Marriage With Robyn

The star of Sister Wives also revealed that his tense relationship with his youngest and last wife, Robyn Brown, is “pathetic”, as in Screen Rant.The Brown family has kept silent about the social media regarding who the polygamist man resides within Arizona during the coronavirus pandemic. On Season 14 of Sister Wives, Robyn and Kody fought over everything.

Robyn Brown was originally thought to be his favorite wife. That seems to have changed over the years. Kody Brown and his wives have also quarrelled over his big house dreams. Some of the women have tried to keep a cool head, but Meri lost it on a fellow sister woman when she had to evacuate due to a forest fire.

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