My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Other faked suspicions

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Other faked suspicions

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans suspected that Chase Severino and Whitney Thore were faking their love story on TLC. Even though the show ended with his marriage proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, they didn’t believe it. But other indicators seem to indicate that much of the show, or all of it, is fake. Fans are talking about it on social media.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is fake, fans think

TV Show Ace’ reported that many fans believe that Chase Severino and Whitney are not really in love. They’ve noticed that Chase seems uncomfortable with Whitney and runs off with other people all the time. We wrote: “Fans have noticed some tension in the recent episode. Whitney was even worried that after their trip to Paris she might not end up hitchhiking.” Also, Chase left on tandem without Whitney Thore.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans also noticed that Chase seems very happy to share a room in the hotel that Ryan booked. Whitney Thore had a crisis. But, Chase seemed a little relieved. And, when he was left alone, he actually moved further away from Whitney Thore, rather than trying to get close during a private moment. But now, Reddit users point to other reasons why they think the romance isn’t just fiction.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Other faked suspicions

A post from Reddit noticed that on the show, Heather is supposed to be Whitney’s friend. But they noted, “I think Whitney Thore is jealous of Heather, and it’s clear when she discourages anything between Heather and Ryan. Then they wrote, “I feel Heather is adorable and needs a TLC salary for her kids.” Then they revealed that they thought “she resents everything she does in the name of TLC and didn’t know what she was getting into.

Other fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life slammed their thoughts. One remarked, “Whitney Thore is obsessed with Buddy and always has been. Heather has always been a threat.” Then, this idea was thrown into the false argument. “You could see smoke coming out of Whitney Thore’s ears when Heather and Ryan kissed this season,” they said. And, Meaww noticed another reason why fans suspect the show went on. Thye pointed to a scene from Season 4 where a guy talking to Whitney about radio and TV was actually obviously miked to look like a staged scene.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I also like a lot of others felt that Chase wasn’t that into Whitney? It happened too Fast and if she was Really in Love with Chase? She wouldn’t have been agonizing over whether or not to end her friendship with Buddy? I’m Sorry who’d want to deal with all his issues? And from what Whitney said she didn’t think she’d ever get married? And I think Chase is in the show for the money? They had to come up with another story line how much dancing and arguing with Todd can carry the show?

  2. I believe that the relationship between Whitney and Chase was fake as well. Because their relationship developed too fast, like a 2-hour Lifetime movie. One minute they just met, and the next they’re serious. The conflict between Chase and Buddy was so obviously set up to spice up the show. One of the clincher that they ended this season exactly at the proposal, which was stupid, especially when the show showing her in the middle of a trip with her friends. It felt like it was cut off and they just wanted to focus on just the fake proposal. Also her engagement ring. What kind of an engagement ring was that? It looks like big costume jewelry that you get at Kohl’s or J C penny’s. Granted I have seen rings similar to that with a yellow stone and diamonds around it that were actual engagement rings. But that one clearly did not look like an engagement ring at all. I remember the comment that they said on social media, that the ring was exactly what Whitney wanted. How is that possible when she supposedly never even knew anything about the proposal, and never showed her talking to chase about it. On the show, they wanted us to believe that she felt that it wasn’t serious enough and that they could be breaking up. One other thing that sparked a red flag was when Whitney brought up the Baby issue to Chase when they were in Paris. His reaction and distancing himself from her after that conversation did not make sense, if he knew he was going to propose to her very soon. A normal reaction for someone who was soon to propose, might have been: Perhaps in the future, we’ll see where it leads. Not oh, I don’t want to have kids and distance himself, like he was going to break up her. If your planning to propose to somebody, obviously kids are going to be in the plans somewhere in the future, or at least the subject will. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise to him. His reaction was like wait kids? Marriage? Where’s this coming from? I believe it was all a set up to make everyone believe that they were going to break up, to make the proposal a big surprise at the end. They also said there wasn’t any plans in the near future for their wedding yet. HELLO, You think is easier she won’t was have a family and get married. She would be ready planning this.

  3. Very fake romance. Whitney is hooked on Buddy the doper. It’s all made for TV paycheck- can’t blame them. What else are they going to do?

  4. Oh geez!! Leave it alone!! It’s one of my fave shows! You who don’t think it’s real are probably also the same people who thinks 911 was done by our own government, and that man didn’t really walk on the moon.

  5. Whit’s loud, abrasive personality is going to drive away Casey (aka Chase) and his family, whether it’s fake or not. Their relationship happened happened way too fast to be real—they had what, ONE date? BS! Casey stays away from Whitney whenever he can during the show. The “engagement party” was so lame I cringed during it’s entirety. Whitney is obnoxious with her helpless act and she’s definitely jeolous of Heather. Like Whit’s mom said, Whitney is acceptable in small doses only, and doesnt belong in an hour-long series. I for one am sick of her egotistical smugness. She has a mean streak.

  6. Buddy doesnt love Whitney but she has feelings for him. The whole group of them are kind of incestuous, which makes them all sorta repulsive —-Buddy has screwed Whitney and Heather, Ryan and Heather have deep kissed and now we hear that Todd and the bald guy lost their virginity to eachother. Eww! Has Whitney been with Ryan yet? It wouldnt surprise me.

  7. I dont care for Chase and Ryan on the show. They dont fit in. They seem to selfish it’s like they want to steal the show.

  8. It’s sad Whitney can’t be real in her love life as she is with her physical self. Self acceptance, acknowledging that yes, the one she truly loves is Buddy!

  9. Im sorry but remember friends are forever so why wouldn’t she struggle with pushing her friend away for a man . Buddy anf Whitney have been through alot together and has proven to stick around with chase who knows how long that may last. So never let go of a friend. And what ever happened to trust? Chase is just insecure and jealous

  10. I think it is fake all of whitneys friends are fake they are so two face all they want is the attencion on them there paris trip was to be just them the whole bunch went really

  11. Chase and Ryan are in love and in the closet. Dating Whitney is a way for them to be closer without suspicion. Works out perfect if Ryan is dating Heather.

  12. How sad that this is all fake. I was wondering what everyone else thought because I wasn’t believing any of it. And Ryan and Chase are closet lovers and they are using Whitney for money and as a cover up. Lololol Buddy does a few lines of coke and becomes an addict REALLY??? So so fake. What a joke .

  13. Bring back the old cast, last year’s show. It was so.much better. Chase isn’t being sincere with Whitney. He only wants the fame and money. I think it was a big mistake for the show to bring both Chase and Ryan on the show. I miss all the interaction with the cast from last season. I also miss Bans and Glen. Not seeing them so much now. You ruined a good thing with that show. I am thinking of no longer watching it because I am very disappointed. Even Whitney has changed. I loved the old Whitney much better. Bring her back.

  14. Personally I love this girl for what she brings to women of all shapes and sizes. However, I was thinking Chase and Brian were actually just milking the situation for their own 15 min of fame. Using her for selfish reasons. Brian for business And Chase, oh well, he really believes he’s all with the hair. Both men seem opportunistic and self serving. Brian is rude, controlling womanizer macho. It would break my heart for her if she can’t see this but maybe she needed this to boost her show. I love the old crew and feel she’s a better match with Buddy anyway.

  15. Clearly with all the negative comments maybe you should watch something else…it doesn’t look fake to me..yes Chase is nice looking and slim..however Whitney is very pretty and has a great personality …

  16. I think things got boring in Greensboro, so producers made up the Chase and Ryan thing and moved Whitney to another city. Not sure what Chase does for a living, but that engagement ring, if real is very expensive. I think this whole season is fake and tget did it for ratings. Smh

  17. Of course chase is into whitney and the show for the $.
    It all happened way to fast! For my liking.
    I love whitney.and i don’t want to see her taken advantage of AGAIN!
    I pray Chase’ intentions are honest,
    But Watching everything play out it seems hard to believe!.

  18. Actually i love adrianas comment.
    Chase and Ryan are dating!lol,
    And chase is dating whitney as a cover up.hahaha! Now if that were love to see this unravel in next years episodes. Oh,and Ryan starts dating Heather. Yes please.!!
    Then Buddy catches chase and Ryan in bed,and breaks the news to whitney and heather.
    This would be a great start for next season! Come on TLC!

  19. Chase is fake Ryan bought him in for publicity. He has no friends Ryzn us jealous when Whitney does any other activities wirh other people. If chase is best friends why would Ryan book the same room in Paris he probably begged Ryzn ti sleep in his room. It seems as if Ryan and Chase are an item. Who does that in Paris for his mate and girlfriend. CHASE is 100% fake funny how he was introduced to Whit. Even when his family met Whit they were uncomfortable with his choice. Everyone is usingg each other to make money. Heather needs to be axed she is always miserable and jealous and brings the shiw down if you are jealous why be Whitneys friend. Users.

  20. I love the show! As for Chase and Ryan,I don’t like them…Chase seems wrong for Whitney,they have total opposite personalities!!! I love Whitney and Buddy together…

  21. It’s simple, Chase is a chubby chaser. He only wants one thing out of a relationship as well as his friend (Whitney work partner).I think all they want out of this is a threesome and to be on tv.They look like two weirdos everytime you see them together and always whispering to one another. LOL

  22. I’m not saying it is or isn’t real, only they know for sure. To those of you who say “It happened too fast”, who are you to put love on a timeline… especially when you’re not directly involved. My husband proposed to me 3 days after we met — THREE DAYS — & we’ve been together for 20 years at the end of this month. Our families also thought it was too fast & that we wouldn’t last, but we’ve been married longer than any of em.
    I love Whit & Buddy, Glen & Babs & really enjoy the show. I’m hoping they get a few more seasons, whether or not it’s “real”.

  23. I find it interesting that these “fans” talk so much crap. I dont believe that is the description of a fan.
    If you look at your remote for the word “Channel” click on it and CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!
    Why do you watch something your clearly don’t like?
    It amazes me how much negativity people throw out there. I know we are all stuck in our homes, my goodness turn the channel, turn it off, read a book, talk to your kids, talk to your significant other.
    Find happiness!

  24. I believe that Whitney is just desperate to get married. Let’s face it, people of Whitney’s size have a pretty limited love life. So she’s in a rush to snap up Chase before he has second thoughts. I think it’s more desperation than love. I’m not sure about Chase. I guess I don’t see how Whitney appealed to him. He’s younger, in good shape, and decent looking (except for that hair – yuck). So would not have a hard time coming up with a more average looking girlfriend. What I really think is that Whitney and Buddy should get married.

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