Whitney Thore Begins Baby Quest On MBFFL

Whitney Thore Begins Baby Quest On MBFFL

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star Whitney Thore promises to continue to thrill fans in season 9. And whether she’s renewing her desire for a baby or starting a new business, Whitney promises to maintain her famous sense of humour.

Whitney Thore Begins Baby Quest On MBFFL

Viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life saw Whitney’s longing for a child earlier. And now, the upcoming eighth season of the series will show Thore doubling down on that ambition, according to a preview published by People. MBFFL has become known for the way Whitney pours out her feelings to family and friends. And in the process, the cameras capture these confessions.

As a result, season 8 will show us exactly how Whitney feels after her dramatic breakup with ex-fiancé Chase Severino. Discovering that the man she thought would fulfill her dreams has betrayed her remains painful. And so Whitney Thore heads back to Greensboro, North Carolina. But don’t expect her to settle for staying put among her friends and family.

Instead, Whitney is ready to follow her baby dreams! See how Thore is considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the new season. Can Whitney get pregnant with IVF? It’s a question that could turn into a serious storyline for My Big Fat Fabulous Life!

Throughout each season, we have seen Whitney try different ways to achieve his career dreams. And in the process, he has redefined those goals. As a result, season 8 sees Whitney working on an online fitness business. Will she be able to compete with the pros to turn her passion for fitness into a money-making business?

Whitney has sought advice from other fitness professionals in the past. His friend and training partner, Jessica, reappears this season to consider a new way to make a profit.

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