My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Does Whitney Thore Have A New Boyfriend?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Does Whitney Thore Have A New Boyfriend?

Soul mates find each other in unexpected ways. In the case of My Big Fat Fabulous LifeMy Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Used To Draw Fans star Whitney Thore, she found her true one on a language app. As unusual as it sounds, the reality star seems to love the way things are between her and her French suitor.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Does Whitney Thore Have A New Boyfriend?

Whitney Thore taught herself French on a learning app where she unexpectedly met her recent flame. The reality star took to social media to recount one of the most unexpected ways to find love.

Even her friend seemed shocked that Whitney met someone on a language app. Whitney Thore responded by saying that they were talking and exchanging language. Somehow one thing led to another and here they are!

According to one list, her new flame’s fluency in English is remarkable. However, the French hunk lives in Paris. As reported by Eonline, while sharing more information in a confessional, she stated that the guy is younger than her. He is a graphic designer in his 30s and the couple has been talking for more than 5 months. Whitney Thore described their interactions as fun and exciting.

Whitney Thore seemed devastated after her ex-boyfriend Chase Severino was expecting a child with another woman. For this reason, she called off the engagement.

However, the breakup was amicable and Whitney even asked fans not to shower Chase with hate. But at the time, it seemed that the reality star had almost given up on love. However, in a confession, she went on to add that she finally started to feel something the first time after Chase broke up with her.

Although she couldn’t stop praising their chemistry, Whitney Thore didn’t reveal the identity of her new French man on social media. In her caption, she mentioned that he wouldn’t reveal his identity. We can see her trying to downplay her feelings by calling herself stupid for crushing on her French teacher online.

Of course, after taking a look at their Instagram photos together with his face blurred out, he’s reciprocating her feelings. The new season will have many revelations about the reality star. Whitney Thore also froze her eggs in hopes of meeting the right one to start a family with.

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