My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What Happened To Whitney Way Thore’s French Man Boyfriend?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life What Happened To Whitney Way Thore's French Man Boyfriend?

TLC is back with another season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and fans can find out more about Whitney Way Thore’s French boyfriend as he still appears to be on the scene. The trailer for the latest season sees the woman putting things right with her ex-boyfriend Lennie as he tries to sneak into her private life.

She confirms that she is still with the Frenchman, who was first heard from last season. But his identity remains a mystery.

What Happened To Whitney Way Thore’s French Man Boyfriend?

Whitney Way Thore knows it never ends well with an ex, but she’s more confident about herself and her French boyfriend. When Lennie tries to ask her about her love life, Whitney makes sure she’s still with the Frenchman. She also says Lennie wouldn’t bother bothering her because he’s already seen her picture.

When her ex-boyfriend points out that it’s 2022, a stunned Whitney explains that they don’t have an open relationship. What’s more, she hasn’t shared the slightest hint that she’s unmarried or that she’s split up with the man she couldn’t stop gushing about last year.

Fans found out about Whitney Way Thore’s French boyfriend in July 2021, when she shared a series of photos on her Instagram showing her sharing a shot with her new beau. In the caption, she revealed that he was her “man”.

Less than two months after Whitney and Chase ended their engagement, the reality star teased her followers on Instagram with pictures of her “French man” ahead of the season premiere.

Written by Christine Cohan

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