My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino Thinks Buddy Is In Love With TLC Star

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Thinks Buddy Is In Love With TLC Star

TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers tell us that Whitney Thore’s boyfriend, Chase Severino, is jealous of the relationship between her and her BFF, Buddy Bell. Whitney decides her friends will accompany her on her upcoming business trip to Paris, but Chase doesn’t want Buddy around. He says she and Buddy spend too much time together. Viewers of the show already know that Whitney and Chase are engaged in the trip, so with Buddy there it could have been difficult.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Invites Her Friends on Paris Business Trip

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life’, Whitney Thore, is going to France on business. She plans to have fun there, too. Ryan Andreas, her business partner, has suggested going to Paris to expand their business, No BS Active. At first Whitney didn’t like the idea, but she thought it would be perfect if her friends came with her.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Teasers tells us that Chase wants to go to Paris with Whitney Thore and Ryan Andreas, and Whitney likes the idea of being with her boo in “one of the most romantic cities on earth”. Whitney tells her then fiancé that Ashley Baynes and Todd Baesley will join them, and Chase says “the better the marriage, the better the marriage. But she doesn’t want Buddy.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Thinks Buddy Is In Love With TLC Star

Chase Severino never liked the relationship between Whitney and Buddy Bell. He thought their relationship was weird. The duo had a brief romantic relationship in the past. In a previous episode, Chase said that Buddy is dependent on Whitney. He also thinks she might still have feelings for her best friend.

Whitney asks her then-boyfriend if he thinks she has feelings for Buddy Chase and he says, “there are feelings on his side”. Chase also says that it’s hard to tell what’s really going on between them because they’re so close.

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  1. I agree with Chase. Whitney needs to let Buddy go and grow up. I get the impression that they are to attached to each other and if Chase doesn’t do anything now Buddy will not only be going on the honeymoon with them he will be moving in with them.

  2. Whitney chase is super in love with you. Buddy has been a fun friend but he needs to let you be happy with chase if he’s a true friend. Stop baby sitting him!

  3. Buddy is a big bat addicted immature BABY who wants to be rescued , enabled and taken care of by Whitney! Sadly Whitney buys into his crap and thinks she ought to “save” and rescue him every time he comes crying to her which is going to result in her losing the BEST AND ONLY DECENT MAN WHO HAS EVER LOVED HER! Buddy isn’t worth one second of Chases time and Whitney talks about Baby Buddy like he contributed one positive thing to her life! Wake up you stupid girl before you lose the only MATURE man who has ever truly loved you?!! I am about to quit watching this show because I can’t stand watching you throw your your life away with BUDDY! You want a baby?!? You have one and his name is BUDDY!!! I was married to a sex addict who ruined my health and life! I would have given everything I owned to have met someone like Chase because he has everything I wish I could have had once I learned what was wrong with ME through therapy and Al Anon and stopped listening to the now ex blame me for all of his ABUSE AND LIES!!! I tried to save my marriage but I now know there was nothing to save! But I married for life and I tried! It cost me my health!!!

    I was an Army officer’s wife for 30 years, supported his career and made him what he was (retired as a LTC)-never has thanked me for moving us 18 times in 23 years, raised 2 beautiful daughters and have a grown grandson, the jerk is rich now, remarried, took what little money I had but he ruined my health and left me destitute but I wouldn’t trade my daughters for anything! I’m alone and 73 and totally disabled and would have given ANYTHING FOR “a Chase” in my life!

    And you are messing around and wondering if you should stay with sicko Buddy?!? Yeah!!! Why don’t you do that and let Chase move on to some other woman who is not lost in space and delusional like you are and who APPRECIATES him, because it’s pretty obvious YOU DON’T!!! You are a darned fool who doesn’t deserve Chase!!! I hope he dumps you soon so you and Buddy can live out your remaining years in sickness and you can whine about how you let Chase “get away!” That is what you deserve! Chase is being wasted on you!!! You are going to be very, very sorry but you will be completely responsible for losing Chase!!! I feel much better because I didn’t realize how you could be so completely blind and pick Buddy over Chase! Now I know! You are one sick woman who needs A LOT of therapy to understand WHY you would choose to be so UNHAPPY with Buddy (and it is NOT LOVE! It is you and him being CODEPENDENTS!!) Instead of choosing to be happy with Chase who loves you!!! YOU are choosing Buddy! If you can’t see how SICK your choosing to do that is (and you can’t!) you don’t deserve Chase!!!

    Same goes for Heather! She wants you to feel bad, guilty and unhappy for moving! If she were your healthy, true friend, she’d be HAPPY for you and Chase!!! But she just wants to nag at you, make you feel sorry for HER and BE UNHAPPY!!! Wow! With friends like Buddy and Heather…. well, honey, you know the rest of it!!!

    I have been desperately wanted you to choose Chase but I have given up on that because you wouldn’t have a show!

    I wish you luck because you are throwing away everything you said you wanted! It dropped in your lap and you are throwing it away! Good luck in your misery!

    One totally different request. Is your business partner Ryan? There is a certain way he wears/cuts his hair/stache ? where he looks just like Hitler and I find it to be really upsetting! I didn’t know if he would be willing to change whatever it is in that one TV shot or haircut that would banish the Hitler look. I would be so grateful!!! Thanks!

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