1000-lb Sisters: How Is Tammy Slaton Doing Now?

1000-lb Sisters: How Is Tammy Slaton Doing Now?

Rumours that Tammy of the 1000-lb Sisters has died have been doing the rounds and fans are concerned that Tammy Slaton has succumbed to health complications.

In recent episodes it has been revealed that Tammy has been struggling to lose weight and has actually gained a lot.

By the season two finale, Tammy weighed 665 pounds. “I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier, and then other days I’m like, ‘What the heck’s the point?”.”. Tammy admitted.

Tammy has admitted to being depressed, admitting, “I know I shouldn’t be sitting around eating all this stuff, but I do it and I don’t know how to stop.” This came after her COVID-19 diagnosis in November 2020. The illness meant Tammy had to stay in hospital for two weeks. Her condition was serious enough that doctors hooked her up to an oxygen tank to prevent lung failure.

1000-lb Sisters: How Is Tammy Slaton Doing Now-

While it’s true that Tammy has been struggling on her weight loss journey and her COVID-19 test was indeed positive, the 1,000-pound sister star is still alive despite rumours that something has happened to her.

Tammy Slaton has continued to post videos and photos on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Her latest TikTok is from March 27 (at the time of publication), where she can be seen responding to a fan on the platform.

It’s not clear when the rumours started, but this isn’t the first time Tammy has been confronted with rumours of her own death. Back in February 2021, Tammy tweeted on Instagram, “I don’t freaking understand why people have to lie so much talking about I die man come on I’ve been active on here”.

In 2015, Amy started similar rumours when she took to social media and told fans that Tammy had fallen and she wasn’t sure if she would make it. Much to the outrage of fans, Amy started a GoFundMe to fund Tammy’s funeral early because she felt her family couldn’t afford it. “I know she is on a medical card but it will not cover all of the bills. It is taking all of our checks just to make it through. So this GoFundMe account will be for Tammy’s funeral if she dies. She is not dead yet so please pray that she gets better. Please pay so we don’t have this funeral, and when she gets home, the money will go to help us pay the medical bills,” she said at the time.

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