1000 Lb Sisters: Can Dr. Now Help Tammy Lose Weight?

1000 Lb Sisters: Can Dr. Now Help Tammy Lose Weight?

TLC may soon be considering a long-awaited crossover. Dr. Now from My 600 Lb Life was a commentary for 1000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton. It caught the attention of many fans and now they want a crossover between the two shows.

Many people think that Dr. Now might be the only one who could help Tammy Slaton right now. Slaton had a hard time dieting and ended up gaining weight instead of losing it. Will he be able to reach his desired weight with the help of Dr. Now?

TLC fans were surprised when they saw Tammy Slaton’s profile on Dr. Now’s “My 600 Lb Life life”. Tvshowsace reveals that Dr. Younan Nowzaradan was spotted on Tammy’s Instagram live and left a comment. The comment simply said “Wow” but it triggered a lot of reactions from fans.

Well, wow can be interpreted in different ways. In this situation, however, it seems rather sarcastic to Slaton’s followers. Besides, it’s possible that the account could be fake, as Dr. Now has a different username than the one that appeared live.

However, some commenters were quick to point out that only Dr. Now can help Tammy Slaton. Since then, there has been a widespread demand on social media for a cross between “My 600 Lb Life” and “1000 Lb Sisters”.

Given the amount of love she received on television and her experience in helping the morbidly obese, fans believe that Dr. Now may be Slaton’s only hope. The Iranian-American surgeon specializes in vascular and bariatric surgery. He has helped many people, like Tammy Slaton, achieve their desired weight.

1000 Lb Sisters: Can Dr. Now Help Tammy Lose Weight?

In the last two seasons of 1000 Lb Sisters, viewers have seen Tammy Slaton lose weight. Well, being addicted to food, it was hard for her to follow a strict diet and she had a lot of excuses not to. She even got a lot of support from everyone around her, including family, medical professionals and fans.

Well, initially she did lose about 50 kilos and the fans were proud of her. But at the end of season 2, the TV star finally gained over 100 kilos again. So Tammy Slaton, who started out at 600 pounds, now weighs a total of 665 pounds.

Rumour has it that the Kentucky native is currently staying in a nursing home and trying her best to shed some pounds.


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