What Is Schenee Murry Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Schenee Murry Up To After My 600-lb Life?

There’s something enthralling yet heart-wrenching about watching the journey of patients on My 600-lb Life. While the majority seem committed to turning their lives around, Season 6 alum Schenee Murry took us on a different sort of rollercoaster ride. Murry, who debuted on the show at a staggering 721 pounds, didn’t exactly play by Dr. Now’s rulebook. What has become of the Indianapolis native since she left the show? Here’s an update on where she stands today.

Murry had a rocky stint on the show. In total, she managed to shed only 91 pounds, and even that was more of a fluke than a concerted effort. Before attending her second check-up with Dr. Now, she was hospitalized, which led to the initial weight loss. But after getting cleared, Schenee gained it back, finding the journey with Dr. Now’s program overwhelming and ultimately quitting the show.

The plot twist? Schenee Murry blocked Dr. Now’s number after her departure, leading to an uproar among fans who were invested in her transformation. Even though she left the show under less-than-ideal circumstances, she has maintained an online presence, keeping fans in the loop about her life post-My 600-lb Life.

My 600-lb Life: What Schenee Murry is Up To Now

It’s been a few years, but Schenee remains active on her Instagram and YouTube channels. Although she hasn’t disclosed her current weight, her latest photos, which date back to 2020, suggest she is still grappling with obesity. In addition to her social media updates, Murry has been candid about launching a fundraiser for her bariatric surgery. While she claims to have raised enough money for the procedure, it’s unclear if she ever went under the knife.

Adding another layer to her complicated life, Schenee revealed a weight loss of approximately 300 pounds since her appearance on the show. However, with no verifiable updates, these claims have been met with skepticism.

My 600-lb Life: A Glimpse into Schenee’s Personal Life

The root of Schenee’s weight gain can be traced back to her difficult childhood, marred by sexual abuse and ensuing health issues as an adult, including fertility struggles. Despite these hurdles, she remains a ray of positivity, particularly evident in her frequent YouTube vlogs and livestreams. Only recently, she uploaded a video where she humorously talks about feeling winded after pumping gas. Schenee is currently a mother and frequently features her son in her online content.

What catches the eye, however, is the type of content she’s putting out—particularly her “mukbang” videos. These indicate that her diet hasn’t seen a significant overhaul, suggesting her battle with weight is far from over.

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