1000 Lb Sisters: What Are Amy Slaton’s Net Worth

1000 Lb Sisters: What Are Amy Slaton's Net Worth

It hasn’t even been two years since the 1000 Lb Sisters appeared on TV, and they’ve already become super famous. Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton are now like every other TLC star and have a huge fan base.

Well, their journey has been quite inspiring, especially younger sister Amy’s. To date, she has achieved almost everything she has ever wanted in life. And it all starts and ends with her adorable little boy, Gage Halterman. Since becoming a mother, Amy has found new meaning in life and continues to work hard to improve her health. In fact, she’s losing more and more weight even after weight loss surgery in previous seasons.

1000 Lb Sisters: What Are Amy Slaton’s Net Worth

For those who don’t know, it wasn’t the TLC show where the Slaton sisters became famous. They were already popular before that thanks to their YouTube channel. In fact, one of their videos went viral and got a lot of attention. It was when the TV channel spotted their potential and gave them a platform to share their story.

Thus, Tammy Slaton and Amy started their weight loss journey on television with the 1st season of 1000 Lb Sisters. Well, when their debut proved to be a hit, TLC quickly renewed it for a second season. To their surprise, the second show did even better, and the sisters have had a huge fan base ever since.

As a result, they are currently filming a third instalment, which will hit screens soon. As things stand, the TLC series seems to be their main source of income. Well, according to reports, the TV channel is paying the sisters about $1000 per episode.

On the other hand, the YouTube channel run by Amy has about 450K subscribers. In fact, the channel has amassed a total of 47 million views in all the years it has been running. It is likely that the YouTube channel would have contributed at least $150 000 to its net worth through advertising and paid ads.

Amy is now living a successful life. She has a beautiful happy little family with her husband Michael Halterman and young son Gage. She also earns a pretty good living and supports herself and her family. In fact, after all her hard work, she has recently bought a house.

The family will soon be moving into their new home. Amidst all these changes, fans were curious to know the net worth of this young celebrity. Well, according to reports, Amy Slaton’s net worth is somewhere around $385 000.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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