1000-Lb Sisters: Exciting News and Updates

1000-Lb Sisters: Exciting News and Updates

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Amy Halterman is happy to share some updates about her son, Gage.

Amy Halterman and her husband were so happy to welcome Gage into the world and we’ve seen a lot of him on her Instagram page. Now she’s sharing a big milestone for him and fans want to know what it is!

Gage was born on November 10, 2020 in Kentucky to Amy and her husband Michael Halterman. His aunt Tammy Slaton adores him and has started sharing more and more photos of them together. Gage will soon be nine months old and fans are shocked at how fast he’s growing! Amy and Michael can’t believe it either. Amy has been keeping Gage out of the spotlight for a while because she didn’t want fans to give her backlash for the way she’s raising him.

Being on a reality show gives you a lot of fame and it’s not always easy for kids. That’s one of the reasons he kept her under wraps, but he also didn’t want to break her NDA with TLC. She hasn’t allowed much to post about him so far.

1000-Lb Sisters: Exciting News and Updates

Now that Amy Slaton can post about Gage, she is ready to share with the world how everything is going. Gage now has two teeth and this has been a big milestone for Amy Slaton.

He is quite on track for his age and she wanted to show her fans her new teeth as well. The fans were happy to see this happen and praised her for sharing it with them.

She shared two photos of him while they were out shopping. One photo was just of him sitting in a cart drooling, while the other photo was of her pulling down his lip so fans could see his new teeth. We hope she continues to update her fans with these new milestones.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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