1000-Lb Sisters: Fans Are Concerned

1000-Lb Sisters: Fans Are Concerned

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton may have attempted suicide in her deleted Instargam post. Many of her fans have been highly critical of her for pulling this stunt and have been furious with her. She posted some very disturbing photos of herself and it made fans worry about her.

Allegedly, she regretted her action and eventually took the pictures down just a few hours later. Her followers told her that just because she deleted the photos, it didn’t mean the world didn’t see them.

1000-Lb Sisters: Fans Are Concerned

Was Tammy Slaton really trying to kill herself and what were the photos she posted?The photos Tammy posted were quite disturbing and showed her smoking.

They were dark and blurry, but fans could still see what she was doing. No one was sure what she was smoking and it came up in conversation. One of the fans’ concerns is that Tammy is still on oxygen and she is smoking.

This made fans think she was trying to kill herself. The idea of lighting up and being on oxygen is not a good combination and it seems Tammy wasn’t worried about that at all. It’s as if she doesn’t care what happens to her anymore.

Tammy Slaton’s fans kept turning to her and asking why she was still smoking. They told her they loved her, but they feared she would die soon if she didn’t stop smoking.

One fan even wrote: “She’s acting like we didn’t see her smoking. I’m worried for her.” Not only has Tammy been seen smoking on social media before, but she is also a heavy drinker.

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