1000-Lb Sisters: Blood Transfusions

1000-Lb Sisters: Blood Transfusions

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton may have recently had a cancer scare. There were some rumors going around that she was tested for cancer and her fans were extremely worried. She ended up in the hospital and her fans were worried about what is happening to her health.

Tammy Slaton opened up to her fans about her latest health scare. She said she was bleeding all over the floor and was scared about what was going on with her body.

It happened back in 2018 and she made a video to document what happened. She decided that going to hospital was the best course of action for her health. While in hospital, she made a point of telling the staff she needed to go to the toilet, but when she thought she needed to urinate, she ended up bleeding more. This really confused the medical staff who cared for him that night. It was incredibly frightening for her and her sister.

1000-Lb Sisters: Blood Transfusions

Not only did Tammy lose a lot of blood, but she told her fans that she needed four blood transfusions and about a month later she was bleeding again! She said the bleeding was much worse the second time and she was very worried about what was going on.

Tammy stayed in hospital overnight and after the D&C doctors then had to check her womb for signs of cancer. According to Tammy, the doctors told her that she had some “pre-cancerous” cells and this scared her.

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