1000-Lb Sisters: Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again?

1000 Lb Sisters: Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again?

TLC’s popular show 1000 Lb Sisters aired in early 2020 and didn’t take long to win thousands of hearts. Of the two sisters, fans really loved Amy Slaton’s entire journey. The TV star managed to lose enough weight to be eligible to undergo weight loss surgery.

Fans saw her get married and fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. However, after this impressive journey, it seems that Amy has lost her diet and motivation to improve her health. This is because fans think she is gaining weight again.

TLC’s popular 1000 Lb Sisters series follows a storyline focused on weight loss. Thus, fans often notice whether the Slaton sisters have gained or lost weight over the course of days. This time, Amy came under the radar because she seemed to have gained a lot of weight.

In fact, some fans are saying that she may have gained all the weight she lost after her surgery over a year ago. Amy Slaton had been flaunting her new body until a few months ago. She revealed that she continued to keep her diet clean and work out a bit even after giving birth to baby Gage.

One of the recent photos she uploaded on social media caused a lot of controversy. She seemed to have gained a lot of weight, and fans expressed their disappointment. A photo of Amy with a fan was revealed on Reddit, which shows that Amy looks very different from what her fans expected. As of now, speculations regarding her second pregnancy are going viral.

1000 Lb Sisters: Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again?

In the latest photos of the popular TLC star, Amy Slaton seems to have gained a lot of weight over the past few months. However, fans are now debating whether she has actually gained weight or is pregnant for the second time.

Moreover, it was the caption of one of her recent posts that sparked these rumors. It mentioned “#twins” which made fans think that Halterman might have another baby soon. For now, Amy has not revealed any details yet due to the restrictions of the television network.

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