1000 Lb Sisters: What’s Next for Tammy Slaton?

1000 Lb Sisters: What’s Next for Tammy Slaton?

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton may have broken her NDA with TLC. The TLC star is known for her brutal honesty and strong personality. Now some of her fans think she may have broken her NDA with TLC.

Tammy Slaton posts a lot on Instagram and on her YouTube channel. In her latest post, she shared a video of her playing with her new nephew Gage. The video is over the top and fans were shocked to see her sister Amy Halterman in the video.

Tammy has previously told her fans that she is not allowed to post full photos of herself or her sister because she has a contract with the TV channel. She could be in big trouble. The show does focus on the two women and their journey to lose weight.

However, if one of them shows how much weight they have lost, it may give out information that they should not share because of the show. This video could violate her NDA and cause big problems.

1000 Lb Sisters: What’s Next for Tammy Slaton?

While it seems Tammy Slaton has broken her NDA, her fans want to know what will happen to her next. She’s mentioned another season of the 1000-Lb Sisters, and if TLC doesn’t feel she’s in breach of contract, we could really see them both on TLC soon.

If they feel she has breached contract, she could be fired from the show and the network. If he stays on, TLC may decide not to pay him for another season and punish him that way. This is all still speculation, but let’s hope we hear something from him or TLC soon. We wouldn’t want to see him lose his spot on the show or not get paid, but if it was his choice to do the video, then it’s his fault.

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