What Is 1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Doing Today?

What Is 1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Doing Today?

1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveal that TLC star Tammy Slaton is receiving mixed reviews from fans about her weight loss. Some fans believe her weight loss is real, while others are convinced she has gained weight, contrary to what they see in the videos.

Many of the small-scale videos Tammy shares with her followers are uploaded after she has edited them with filters and other corrections.

Most of her videos are designed with texts like “Love” or cute images. She even uses bright hearts or black hearts on her cheeks as well as her face. Many fans think that her weight loss look is helped by the video filters she regularly uses. Another section of fans have praised Tammy Slaton’s dedication in her quest to lose weight as they say her face looks slimmer, unlike when she was overweight. They have also noticed that her neck muscles have loosened, which is another sign that she has lost weight.

However, evidence of her weight loss was put to the test by superstitious fans when recent photos of her were compared with short videos of her uploaded in real time. They believe her videos depict something else.

What Is 1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Doing Today?

The 1000-lb Sisters series focuses on two Slaton sisters, Amy and Tammy, who are trying to lose weight.

The second season of the reality series ended recently, so what have the famous sisters been doing with their spare time? Tammy, for her part, dares to get involved in antiques, with fans claiming that the artwork in her shop does not belong to her. Amy Slaton enjoys some pool time with her son Gage Halterman.

One would think that Tammy would be dealing with the allegations about her merchandise business, but she is more focused on dealing with the rumours about her new love interest. Lately, Tammy has been seen in the company of a man addressed as Thebbwking.

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