1000-Lb Sisters: What Happened To Tammy Slaton & Weight Loss

1000-Lb Sisters: What Happened To Tammy Slaton & Weight Loss

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers have shown that some fans think Tammy Slaton is dying. Why do they think this and what is happening to her these days?

We are pretty worried about her too, but we have some new information about what fans are thinking.

1000-Lb Sisters: What Happened To Tammy Slaton & Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton has been trying so hard to lose weight and we have seen her go through quite a bit. She drops a few pounds here and there, but then blames it on the pandemic to gain even more weight.

We saw her with her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Sykes on the last season of 1000-Lb Sisters and he kept feeding her food that was horrible for her. Tammy continues to find men who have a fetish for older women and many fans think this was her downfall. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Tammy received some bad news and ended up contracting the virus. She is still having a lot of trouble breathing and some fans think she is not going to make it. She has been on oxygen for a few months and has not seen any progress in the way she feels. This has many of her fans worried, but what is she not telling us?

Tammy Slaton has a lot of health problems and has had for years. This is one of the reasons why she wanted to appear on the show and change her lifestyle and diet. She and her sister just wanted to lose the weight they needed to have gastric bypass surgery.

This has always been Tammy’s goal, but with all the setbacks she’s had since starting COVID-19, things just keep pushing her back. She has a lot of fans who really support her, but no one knows if she will lose the weight she needs before it’s too late. When his doctor spoke to him, he even mentioned that he needs to lose weight or he will die within the next five years. Now that he is on oxygen, is his time running out?

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