Has Amy Slaton On 1000-lb Sisters Gained Weight?

Has Amy Slaton On 1000-lb Sisters Gained Weight?

When TLC launched its weight loss-focused show 1000 Lb Sisters, viewers immediately fell in love with the Slaton sisters. Over time, only one of the sisters actually managed to lose weight. Fans were quite outraged at Tammy Slaton’s lack of effort to save her life.

On the other hand, they were happy to see how Amy Slaton turned her life around. After marrying her best friend, the TV star went on to start a family with him, with their first child. However, now that she has achieved big life goals, Amy seems to have become careless about her weight.

Has Amy Slaton On 1000-lb Sisters Gained Weight?

At one time, it was only Amy who truly fulfilled the purpose of the show. Fans saw her struggling to change her life, which she eventually did. As a result, she was able to undergo a weight loss surgery that changed her lifestyle tremendously.

Although it was risky, Amy Slaton-Halterman finally achieved her dream of becoming a mother. Towards the end of 1000 Lb Sister season 2, she gave birth to her first child.

However, fans feared that she might gain weight due to the pregnancy. On the contrary, Amy announced on her social media that she has instead lost all her baby weight.

Amy Slaton-Halterman even flaunted her new body in a confident swimsuit picture. The TLC celebrity confirmed that she still takes care of her weight and was even able to fit into the smaller tops she wore in high school.

Contrary to what she says on social media, however, fans think her photos don’t look very convincing. Rather, it looks like she’s put on a couple of dozen kilos, compared to how she looked after weight loss surgery.

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