‘1000 Lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton apologizes to fans, can’t keep up with messages

‘1000 Lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton apologizes to fans, can’t keep up with messages

1000 Lb Sisters cast members, Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy both shared in social media the news of being featured in their local newspaper. They seemed very happy at the time. But now it turns out that Tammy has been very sick. On Friday she went back on YouTube and apologized to the fans for not keeping up with all the DMs and messages.

1000 Lb Sisters celebrated being in the local paper, but actually, Tammy’s been ill

When the local newspaper brought their story in mid-January, TV Shows Ace reported that they both shared their story on social media. There was no indication that Tammy wasn’t feeling very well. But now it turns out she’s been sick since mid-December. And she also looks very sick in her YouTube update. From her description, it seems that Tammy, like others in the United States, is struggling to overcome her flu symptoms this season.

The CDC’s flu index noted on January 18: “The key indicators that keep track of flu activity remain high and, after falling during the first two weeks of the year, have increased slightly this week. And Tammy seems to be suffering from the flu. In her YouTube video she explained that she can’t get rid of her blocked breasts and her bad chest congestion. Also, she’s losing her voice. In fact, she sounded really sick and full of colds. Finally, the star of the 1000 Lb Sisters said that she also suffered from diarrhea. But luckily, it’s clearing up now.

‘1000 Lb Sisters’ – Tammy Slaton apologizes to fans, can’t keep up with messages

Since she’s not feeling well, Tammy Slaton can’t keep up with all the messages and comments on her various social media accounts. She has noticed that she is now also on TikTok. In fact, with messages and comments from Twitter, Instagram and more, she receives thousands of them every day. But, in the comments, fans have reassured her that she shouldn’t have to worry about that. They prefer her to focus on her recovery. After all, she is losing weight, but still dangerously obese, which causes health complications.

In his video, the star of the 1000 Lb Sisters updated on other things as well. Her knee has also been hurting a lot lately. She explained that these days she tries to use her walker less, and somehow she sprained her knee. She explained that her knee has swollen a lot and it hurts a lot. After about a week she didn’t have Tramadol anymore, so she finally decided to go to the hospital. She wanted an X-ray, but only two people held her up and she fell on the floor. But, she’s relieved that they found out it wasn’t her gout having a tantrum.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Amy n Tammy
    Amy u go above n beyond for Tammy n she could careless.
    She says she isn’t a kid but acts like one and to call Amy lazy. ?? Really?
    U are the lazy one. Not her.
    Amy I’m glad you are moving.
    She isn’t going to change until u guys stop enabling her k.
    Tammy this is hard to say.
    But u are just a mean nasty person that thinks because YOu choose to over eat.
    Everyone has to be your maid.
    I love your family but it’s hard to even like u.
    U use people. Blame your issues on them..u can get a cab n go get food..
    U can do ur own prescription.
    There is nothing u can’t do. But why should u.
    U have everyone waiting on u hand n foot.
    U are ur OWN PROBLEM.
    U did this to yourself..
    They fixed themselves. U have done nothing.
    Yes they slip but deal w you and let them deal w themselves.
    They lost their lbs n still working on it.
    U do nothing. But sit on phone all day n eat.
    This is harsh but it’s the truth. And u need to treat them as they treat u.
    U are never happy for them.
    U say it. No u didn’t.
    Lady asked u and u shrug.
    I’m happy.
    U never say anything nice.
    It’s all about u. QUEEN Tammy. Really
    U think u are. N treat everyone like u eating yourself to death. Is there issue.
    U are your own problem.
    U won’t change till. They stop everything.
    I wish my family was like yours.
    There amazing.
    U have used n abused everyone of them.
    I hope Amy is done w you.
    There r people bigger than u.
    That take care of themselves 100%
    They do everything for themselves.
    U can too.
    Your not a queen n there not ur servants.
    I wonder why everyone is so wonderful but u are self-centered, only care about you.
    Your flat out mean n nasty.
    U are the worst I’ve ever seen.
    U need to take a good look at yourself and Change. Because you have a great family.
    Amy please stop doing anything for her.
    If she can go on utube. She can call in her prescription.
    That’s so ridiculous Tammy.
    U sit on phone but can’t take care of yourself.
    I along w everyone feels this way.
    U can’t be happy for anyone.
    She has a baby, husband and life.
    Ur a grown. U can’t pick n choose when to be. Like u do.
    U have a excuse for everything.
    It’s all about u being just LAZY.
    U would loose a ton of lbs.
    Just by putting your big girl panties on & taking care of yourself
    Amy she can do it.
    So don’t fall into her lies n excuses k.
    U are awesome and a great person.
    Micheal ur other sister yes.
    Tammy u need to work on your kindness n treat them w respect.
    They treat u to good.
    Ur so rude n disrespectful an ur not happy or supportive of them at all.
    U only care about what they are going to do for you.
    Soooo selfish.
    Please stop
    She is sinking now. W all u guys do.
    She can do everything herself.
    Let her sink or swim. Because all u are doing isn’t helping her at all ok
    God bless n Tammy u owe your family a apologize an u need to grow up n change.
    U should be happy Amy got a home.
    Rather then be nasty. Because it’s not about you n she is going to live her own adult life. Like u should.
    Grow up. Stop blaming everything n everyone to be lazy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Grow up.
    U can’t pick n choose what u can n can’t do. Like u do.
    U can’t pick n choose when to be a adult.
    Oh yes we know what you do.
    We see it..
    Think before u speak.
    Amy you are great. Micheal, sister too.
    U all deserve to live your lives n shouldn’t be stopping or put on hold. Because Tammy is lazy n mean n thinks because the choices she makes.
    U guys should take care of her.
    It’s wrong.
    Stop letting her walk all over u girl.
    God bless

  2. I’m going to pray for you Tammy. You have so much potential. You are beautiful! Just please get healthy. Please leave the loser guys alone

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