Sister Wives: Kody And Meri Revealed That They’ve Been “separated” For Years

Sister Wives: Kody And Meri Revealed That They’ve Been “separated” For Years

Kody Brown and Meri Brown no longer have a marriage. If anything, they act as if they are a long-divorced couple who keep things cordial. Sister Wives fans didn’t have to hear it from Kody and Meri’s lips, however, to find out the state of their marriage. Family watchers have long suspected that things are not well.

Yet Kody has been particularly outspoken about the state of his marriage recently. Do you remember everything he’s said so far this season about his relationship with Mer?

Shortly after Meri Brown was caught up in the catfighting scandal, she and Kody insisted that they are working on their marriage. They saw a counsellor and although things didn’t get better immediately, they seemed to be moving forward. The couple insisted that they “dating” again in an attempt to salvage their lost love.

Whatever efforts were made in the process, however, have failed. In the last episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown admitted that he and his first wife had “quit dating”. He insists, however, that this is not his fault. He stopped asking Meri to do something and Meri did not approach him to do anything either.

Meri revealed that she has seen extremely little of Kody during the pandemic. Fortunately for Meri, this fact does not seem to bother her much. Her indifference seems to confirm what family followers have long thought; the couple have never mended their relationship and neither is particularly interested in doing so.

Sister Wives: Kody And Meri Revealed That They’ve Been “separated” For Years

Sister Wives fans have discovered a definite change in the way the Brown family presents itself this season. They seem more genuine and honest than ever before, which means there are some pretty big revelations in store.

Kody recently confessed that he and Meri have been separated for more than four years and are acting as if they are divorced. Instead of trying to mend their marriage, they seem to be focusing on living with the situation as it is.

Kody Brown’s statement was supported by Meri, who explained that she and Kody only get along professionally. This statement is in sharp contrast to the picture they had tried to paint in previous seasons of the show.

Until recently, the couple confirmed that they were still trying to work things out. Meri recently took to Instagram to defend her love for her husband. So which version of the situation is true?

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