Sister Wives : Meri Doesn’t Believe Kody Brown Would Care for Her If She Got Sick with COVID

Sister Wives : Meri Doesn't Believe Kody Brown Would Care for Her If She Got Sick with COVID

The drama of Sister Wives celebrities Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s crumbling marriage has taken another twist. The shocking revelations and a little family drama are nothing new for the multi-Brown family.

This time, Meri has said something about the family man that has shocked many. If Kody is struggling to share equal time with his wives in the pandemic, it seems he has failed miserably to make Meri happy.

Kody consistently treats his women unequally. It is noteworthy that his wife, Meri, has expressed concerns about Kody behaviour towards her. But this time the family drama has taken up the issue of the pandemic.

Sister Wives : Meri Doesn’t Believe Kody Brown Would Care for Her If She Got Sick with COVID

In response to this very question, Meri said that if she should fall ill, she knows Kody won’t be coming to the house, People reports. And Meri has always been a pessimistic person when it comes to polygamous marriages. “Nothing would happen,” she said.

Meri Brown said she would be home alone and sick. No one would come to see her. Meri wouldn’t expect her husband, Kody, to turn to her if he became ill.

The couple have had a rocky relationship for years. It’s obvious because lately the two have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Meri lives alone and only sees her husband “once a blue moon”.

So it seems obvious that Meri Brown doesn’t look to Kody for help in difficult times. She believes that Kody would go to the rescue from an otherwise sick condition, but he won’t come to her.

Like the perfect man Kody Brown has always wanted to be, he provided the perfect answer to what a husband could offer. Giving the example of Robyn, Kody said that if she became ill, his first reaction would be to get to her as quickly as possible and nurse her to the best of his ability.

He said that he would take the same care of his children Solomon and Ariella. “I am going to have to come and do it.” he said. Kody also mentioned that he would not be afraid to do the same for any of his wives. While Kody is willing to help all of his wives through tough times, Meri thinks he wouldn’t even show up.

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