7 Little Johnstons: Did Anna Johnston and Jonah Johnston Buy A House?

7 Little Johnstons: Did Anna Johnston and Jonah Johnston Buy A House?

The latest trailer of 7 Little Johnstons Season 10 has a lot to offer this time around. Well, this season’s run seems a little too exciting this time around as the family will see some major changes.

Aside from a new member joining the club, some of the Johnston siblings will also be moving out of their parents’ house. Well, this huge step will also affect their careers and love lives.

7 Little Johnstons: Did Anna Johnston and Jonah Johnston Buy A House?

A new season of TLC’s popular reality show is on the way, and fans can’t be more excited. Well, some of Johnston’s boys will soon reach some major milestones in their lives. The new trailer features Jonah declaring in front of his parents that his new home has been approved and he’s ready to move in.

Then, the next scene features family members helping Jonah Johnston pack up his belongings. However, Jonah has been hiding the details of his move from his girlfriend. This could create some serious problems for him in his relationship.

Later, the trailer showed Anna Johnston packing her things from the Johnston house. She also announced that she is finally moving into her own home after a lot of drama happened in the previous season. The 21-year-old star is also seen settling things in her new home while her family members help her carry her furniture.

The younger siblings, Emma and Alex, then say goodbye to their sister. There are chances that Anna may have started working a job in the upcoming season.

Previously, Amber and Anna argued about the topic of moving. The TLC mom announced that her daughter could not move until she found a stable job. Anna argued that she already runs a successful small business that provides her with a regular income. Since she is allowed to move in the new season, there are chances that she has found herself a salaried job. If not, Amber may have changed her mind this time around.

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