You Won’t Believe What ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Parents Did! Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside!

You Won't Believe What '7 Little Johnstons' Parents Did! Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside!

7 Little Johnstons‘ is back on TLC on March 12. The new season is sizzling with excitement, especially for two of the Johnstons!

In a sneak peek from the upcoming premiere, Amber and Trent Johnston have a messy but fun time painting each other, much to their kids’ surprise.

When asked if they would paint their partners, the kids quickly say no. Elizabeth points out, “Paint belongs on paper or walls, not on people’s bumpy skin.”

With a dash of humor, she adds, “and it’s just plain weird!”

Alex agrees, saying, “Love letters are our thing, not body painting. That’s a hard pass!”

In the bedroom, Amber and Trent Johnston, sporting nude-tone underwear, showcase their artistic skills. Trent goes for a pirate theme, while Amber opts for a rainbow and luck motif.

The couple proudly flaunts their creations, showcasing their unique artistry.

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Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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