Liz Johnston’s Exciting New Adventure Awaits in the Upcoming 7 Little Johnstons Episode

Liz Johnston's Exciting New Adventure Awaits in the Upcoming 7 Little Johnstons Episode

Hey there, 7 Little Johnstons fans! We have some exciting news to share about Liz Johnston and her next big life event. In the upcoming Tuesday, May 9 episode, we’ll get a sneak peek into a new chapter for Liz as she plans to move in with her boyfriend, Brice Bolden. Get ready to join the Johnston family as they navigate through this thrilling experience!

The Journey So Far:

As you know, TLC has provided us with a front-row seat to the lives of the Johnston kids. We’ve watched them grow and face numerous challenges and milestones together. Now, it’s Liz’s turn to step into the limelight and embrace a new adventure.

Parenting Challenges and Growth:

Amber, the Johnston family’s matriarch, acknowledges that “parenting kids at different stages in life is challenging.” With Anna and Jonah at 23, Liz at 21, and Emma and Alex at 17, the Johnston siblings are all at pivotal moments in their lives. Amber and Trent, the loving parents, are doing their best to support their children while providing guidance along the way.

Liz’s Big Move: A New Home with Brice

In the latest episode preview, we see Liz and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, discussing their plans to move into a house together. Trent and Amber have already visited the property, expressing concerns about Liz’s work commute. However, in the upcoming episode, Liz reassures her parents that they “really like” the house and will be submitting the application soon.

The Countdown Begins:

When Amber inquires about the moving timeline, Liz reveals that they might move in as soon as two-and-a-half weeks! This short timeframe only adds to the anticipation of what’s in store for Liz and Brice as they embark on their new journey.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Episode:

While the first preview clip doesn’t reveal too much, we can expect a whirlwind of emotions and excitement as Liz prepares for this significant change. We’ll undoubtedly see Trent and Amber offering their support and wisdom as their daughter navigates this new chapter. So, make sure to tune in and catch all the action as it unfolds!

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