7 Little Johnstons: Are Jonah Johnston And Ashley Still Dating?

7 Little Johnstons: Are Jonah Johnston And Ashley Still Dating?

TLC’s “7 Little Johnstons” premiered in 2015 and introduced the world to a family all of whose members have achondroplasia dwarfism. But as with any family with as many children as the Johnstons, things haven’t always been perfect. And now that eldest son Jonah Johnston has a girlfriend he’s serious about, things could get even more interesting.

Jonah introduced his girlfriend Ashley on the 5 January 2021 episode of ‘7 Little Johnstons‘, but it didn’t exactly go smoothly. Although Jonah’s parents, Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston, have become close with his sister’s boyfriend, they hadn’t yet expressed such emotions towards Ashley. This could be because they hadn’t got to know her too well yet, but it could also be because Ashley is much more reserved than some family members.

And while the Johnstons live in Georgia, Ashley’s family is from North Carolina. Even if Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston aren’t thrilled at the thought of their son growing up, things seem to be moving in that direction. At the beginning of Season 8 of “7 Little Johnstons,” Jonah’s parents tried to explain their concerns that the couple might be moving too fast.

Ashley revealed in the Jan. 5 episode that she’s been hiding the secret of possibly moving in with Jonah, which would be a big step for them. But judging by her and Jonah’s relationship, she’s definitely the kind of strong person he needs to help ground him.

In the end, Jonah and Ashley did move in together, and Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston actually warmed up to him considerably. Jonah did eventually move out of his parent’s house and move in with a friend – which he didn’t tell Ashley about until everything was said and done. Although she was clearly surprised (and perhaps a little disappointed), it was no break for the couple at the time.

7 Little Johnstons: Are Jonah Johnston And Ashley Still Dating?

At the end of season 11’s “7 Little Johnstons”, Jonah had a terrifying encounter with a substance called Delta 8. By the premiere of season 12, things still weren’t quite right. “Work’s not going well at all, I’m living with my friend and that’s going OK,” the 22-year-old explained. “Ashley and I have been dating a little over three years. Where me and Ashley are, it definitely could be better. All the situations, I think, could be better.”

The season 12 trailer also hinted that Jonah and Ashley’s relationship could suffer for a number of reasons. “My struggles with anxiety have been causing me to not prioritize Ashley as much as I should,” Jonah said.

It’s also known that Trent and Amber read Jonah and Ashley’s text messages to each other – and it seems they found something they felt needed addressing. Ashley wasn’t keen on the snooping. “The fact that they went through his phone, it kind of scared me,” Jonah’s girlfriend said in the trailer.

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