‘7 Little Johnstons’ Star Emma Johnston Shares New Selfie

'7 Little Johnstons' Star Emma Johnston Shares New Selfie

Summer can be tough, but Emma Johnston is enjoying it without dropping the ball. 7 Little Johnston’s kid posted a series of snaps that surprised onlookers. Well, Emma’s been serving up looks for a while now. So this time it’s a lot more than fans might expect. So, tune in with us to see the teen’s latest snaps.

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Star Emma Johnston Shares New Selfie

Emma is one of TLC’s most popular stars. The teenager became popular with the true-life show “7 Little Johnstons” and was at the top of the headlines. In the same way, Emma’s wit and sarcasm go well together. The 15-year-old loves to tinker with titles with hidden meanings in her posts.

Meanwhile, with season 11 over, fans couldn’t help but scan her Instagram for updates. And when they did, Emma posted a picture that made viewers fall in awe of her beauty.

The Johnston girl posted a bikini picture of herself showing off her skin like never before. Emma bathed in the sun by the pool and snapped a few pictures for her followers. She captioned the photo, “oh, summer is finally here”.

Well, fans will understand and note how glamorous Emma looked. Lee was wearing a bikini top and white polka dot bikini bottoms. In one picture, Emma made a stunning face with her avi pics as the sunlight hit her face.

And the most loved picture? Well, Emma also posted a sensual butt pic that attracted her followers, as highlighted by Tvshowsace. Similarly, fans loved the pictures and commented on how gorgeous Lee was. Another commented that she looks beautiful as always.

Meanwhile, her relatives cheered and praised Lee for her gorgeous new avatar. What’s more, fans believe Lee must have another summer plan. So for that, viewers will have to keep waiting for updates.

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