7 Little Johnstons: Jonah Johnston Keeping Huge Secret From Ashley

7 Little Johnstons: Jonah Johnston Keeping Huge Secret From Ashley

While the upcoming season is bound to bring a lot of exciting things to the table, it’s likely to have some tears as well. While Liz had already left the Johnston home in the previous season, other kids will follow suit. Yes, even the older children will be moving out soon.

However, this big decision could bring some problems in their relationship. There are chances that Jonah Johnston’s girlfriend may break up with him in the new season of 7 Little Johnstons.

7 Little Johnstons: Jonah Johnston Keeping Huge Secret From Ashley

In season 10 of the popular TLC series, fans will get to see Anna and Jonah Johnston finally move out of the Johnston house. Both siblings were pretty desperate to live in their own place after their younger sister, Elizabeth, got her new home.

The trailer for the new episode features Jonah bravely announcing the news in front of his parents. Then, Trent and Amber Johnston help him pack things up for him and get his new home set up. However, we later learn that another important person in Jonah’s life has no idea that he has moved out.

The trailer shows the family going on vacation for Emma and Alex’s 16th birthday. In addition to the family of 7 Little Johnstons, Liz’s boyfriend Brice and Jonah’s girlfriend Ashley also accompany them. During this trip, Jonah reveals the truth to his girlfriend.

Back home, Amber Johnston was shocked that her son would keep such a big detail of his life from his partner. The 22-year-old explained that it would have seemed silly of him if he had told her about the move after he had already made the move. There is a possibility that he hid the detail from his girlfriend because he didn’t want her to live with him.

The TV star said in the trailer that she doesn’t want to get Ashley’s hopes up. Jonah’s mom seems to be on Ashley’s side on this one. That’s because Amber said, “If you’re keeping secrets, that’s not good. It’s not good.”

Well, from the looks of it, Jonah and his girlfriend will probably face some tensions. Fans are speculating that Ashley might even break up with the 7 Little Johnstons celebrity for her lies.

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