Trent Johnston From 7 Little Johnstons Has A Surprising New Career.

Trent Johnston From 7 Little Johnstons Has A Surprising New Career.

The upcoming season of TLC’s popular show will bring a lot of changes to the lives of the Johnston family. 7 Little Johnstons will welcome a new cast member this time around. On the other hand, some of the children will finally move into their own homes and make serious career choices.

However, the patriarch of the family, Trent, will also quit his job this time. Instead, he will take on another job, which already sounds pretty exciting. But before the new season airs, Trent Johnston has been given a brand new makeover that fans are drooling over.

Trent will have to make some serious choices this time around. These include his career, his family’s situation, his financial health, and several others. But the easiest choice of all was certainly the way he looks. The 45-year-old father spiced up his look by growing a thick beard. Trent posted a photo on his Instagram while the “Big Daddy” was cooking chili for his family. Well, fans were initially surprised to see Johnston’s new look. But, eventually they have come to like it now.

The comments are full of compliments for the Big Daddy. Trent Johnston’s followers say that the circular beard looks great on the 7 Little Johnstons star. Moreover, it also gives him the iconic dad look from movies.

In recent years, fans have only seen Trent in a clean-shaven look or with a light beard. But because the circular beard looks good on him, people are urging the celebrity to keep it around for a while.

Trent Johnston From 7 Little Johnstons Has A Surprising New Career.

The upcoming season of the popular show will have a lot going on when it premieres on November 16, 2021. The long list of exciting changes includes the adoption of a sixth child into the family, Anna and Jonah moving out of the Johnston home, Trent quitting his job, and other things.

In the latest trailer, the father talks about how he has been having problems with his steady job for the last two years. That’s why he wants to finally quit it and find another job. As expected, his family members were quite worried about this drastic decision. But fortunately, Trent will not be unemployed for a long time. The Johnston parents had earlier refused their son Jonah to do his commission-based job as a car salesman. The young TV star stated that he would prove himself to his parents. Well, it seems that he has finally done just that. For not only Jonah but also Trent have now become a car salesman.

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