90 Day Fiance: What’s Going On With Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester?

90 Day Fiance: What’s Going On With Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester?

In a new sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance: Tania said that she and Syngin had lust at first sight. Meanwhile Syngin is thinking about moving back to South Africa in the midst of a troubled married life with Tania.

90 Day Fiance: What’s Going On With Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester?

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester met on a trip to South America. They immediately got along and stayed together for a while. But after he arrived in America, things started to unravel a bit. During their 90 days together, they talked about their finances which caused a lot of conflict. Not to mention the king of fighting, the soul mate thing.

Apparently, Tania Maduro said they weren’t soul mates. Also, her trip to Costa Rica was poorly seen. She left Syngin Colchester alone for 30 days when they only had 90 days together. Tania Maduro recently revealed how their life was in the United States after the wedding. Unfortunately Tania Maduro had a car accident because of which she was unable to work for a long time. They were planning to leave Connecticut. But the plan failed because of her accident.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Feels Stuck, Facing Ups and Downs

When Syngin’s brother was ill, he came to South Africa with Tania, who was a bit reluctant at first. However, because of the ups and downs in their marriage, he did not consider going back to America.

He has made it clear that he will only stay in America because of Tania. If that doesn’t work out, he will be gone. The couple wonders if they are making the right decisions or if they even intend to.

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  1. Syngin can do much better, with an honest Woman at his side. Tania doesn’t deserve him. I think He should return to South Africa, to be his own Man again! She left him, like a week after he got here. Syngin, keep it moving. Your Sanity is at stake, if you remain in this Toxic Relationship!

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