American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe and Girlfriend Leticia Cline Embark on a Romantic European Getaway

American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe and Girlfriend Leticia Cline Embark on a Romantic European Getaway

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and his partner, Leticia Cline, share captivating moments from their romantic escapade in Italy

In the world of reality television, it isn’t often that we get to delve into the off-screen life of our favorite stars. This time, however, we’re getting an inside look into a charming European vacation taken by the charismatic Mike Wolfe, star of the History Channel’s American Pickers, and his girlfriend, former Playboy model, Leticia Cline. Their Instagram feeds have been offering fans a virtual tour of their love-filled journey through Italy’s most iconic sights.

A Tryst in Italy’s Historic Capitals

From sampling local cuisine against the backdrop of the majestic Colosseum in Rome to cherishing the architectural wonder of a grand cathedral in Vatican City, the couple seem to be immersing themselves in the country’s rich heritage. Intimate snapshots of Leticia on a train ride and the pair posing at Rome’s celebrated Trevi Fountain paint a picture of their travelogue as one bursting with romantic moments and unforgettable experiences.

Even amidst the alluring scenery, not everything has gone smoothly for the couple. Leticia took to Instagram to voice her frustration over a delayed bag during their AirFrance flight. The bag, containing essential skincare products, hair care items, and much more, has yet to turn up six days into their journey. Despite this hiccup, Leticia seems to be making the most of the trip.

From American Roads to Italian Streets

Back home, Mike Wolfe , known for traversing the American landscapes in search of antique gems, has been seen strolling the cobbled streets of Rome with his partner, providing a stark contrast to his on-screen persona. Captured in a candid photograph by Wolfe, Leticia is seen contemplating the graffiti on a yellow Roman wall, evoking a sense of charm and wonder that only a European city can offer.

Keeping up with American Pickers

Meanwhile, back in the U.S, Danielle Colby, a regular on American Pickers, shared a delightful behind-the-scenes photo of her and Mike, teasing fans of the upcoming season. With Danielle’s freshly styled hair, vibrant sunglasses, and Wolfe’s subtly graying beard, viewers are eagerly anticipating the series return on July 5.

In sum, even with their lives firmly in the public eye, Wolfe and Cline’s vacation serves as a gentle reminder that stars, like us, cherish their time off-screen, too. As we await the newest season of American Pickers, these captivating snippets of their European getaway are a real treat.

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