American Pickers: Robbie Wolfe Reveals New Episodes Coming in July

American Pickers: Robbie Wolfe Reveals New Episodes Coming in July

Fans of American Pickers can rejoice as co-host Robbie Wolfe recently announced that the show’s new episodes will be coming back in July. Despite months of plummeting ratings, the show’s loyal fan base has been eagerly awaiting new content, and Robbie’s announcement has generated excitement among viewers.

Robbie, the older brother of original cast member Mike Wolfe, took to Instagram to show off some of the new antiques that will be for sale online on the picker’s website. He also confirmed that the team has been working hard to film new episodes despite the hiatus in airing.

Antique Pickers Find Rare Items for Sale

In the Instagram video, Robbie Wolfe showcased some of the new items that will be available for sale, including an antique Kellogg’s sign, Ford car seats that were used in old dealerships, and several other signs, which are always popular in the picker community.

Robbie Wolfe emphasized that all these items were picked on the show, adding that they will be putting up everything on the website in the coming weeks.

New Episodes of American Pickers Return in July

One fan commented on Robbie’s Instagram video, asking why new episodes of American Pickers have not been airing on the History Channel. Robbie replied that new episodes will start airing in July, and the team has been continuously filming despite the hiatus.

The show’s future was in doubt after Frank Fritz, the original co-host of American Pickers, was fired in July 2021. Frank suffered a devastating stroke a year later and is still recovering. In his place, Mike’s brother Robbie was brought in to replace him, but viewers have expressed their dislike of the direction the show has taken.

However, despite the setbacks, Robbie’s recent announcement has generated enthusiasm among fans who can’t wait to see what rare and exciting items the pickers will uncover in the new episodes.

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