American Pickers: Mike Wolfe Shows Off Latest Vintage Find to Awe of Fans

American Pickers: Mike Wolfe Shows Off Latest Vintage Find to Awe of Fans

If you’re a fan of the hit show American Pickers, you’re familiar with Mike Wolfe’s knack for sniffing out amazing vintage finds. Recently, the reality TV star took to Instagram to showcase his latest acquisition – a stunning antique mirror from the Victorian era. As expected, fans of the show were left in awe of this treasure, with many expressing their admiration in the comment section.

American Pickers:The Gilded Pier Mirror

The mirror, according to Mike Wolfe, is a part of the “1873 Italianate puzzle”. Intricately gilded with bronze accents, it’s a free-standing pier mirror, adding an elegant touch to his Tennessee home. The mirror was picked in Illinois and has found its new place in Columbia, Tennessee. Mike Wolfe’s post was a beautiful series of three pictures capturing the full glory of this majestic antique.

Instagram was abuzz with comments from fans who couldn’t hold back their excitement over this vintage find. “Love it,” one follower wrote, while another exclaimed, “That MIRROR!!!” Other fans chimed in with praise for the mirror, the chandelier, and even the overall interior design. There’s no doubt that Mike Wolfe’s fans were absolutely thrilled to see this latest addition to his collection.

Mike Wolfe’s 1873 Tennessee home renovations have been a topic of debate among fans. Last month, Mike had to clap back at a fan who claimed that his renovation efforts were “too modern” for the vintage motif of his home. Mike was quick to defend his choices, stating that focusing solely on pieces from the 1873 period wouldn’t give off a good vibe.

American Pickers: Future Uncertain?

Amidst the excitement of Mike’s vintage find, there’s been some concern among fans about the future of American Pickers. The show experienced a dip in ratings, and with no new episodes aired in October 2022, speculation about the show’s cancellation began to circulate.

However, Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe recently came forward to reassure fans. He revealed that the crew has been out on the road, picking and filming new episodes of the show. Fans should expect new episodes to air this summer, a much-awaited announcement that has been warmly received by the show’s dedicated followers.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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