Below Deck: Behind the Scenes – Hannah Ferrier Reveals the Reality of Filming Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck: Behind the Scenes - Hannah Ferrier Reveals the Reality of Filming Below Deck Mediterranean

If you’re a fan of Below Deck Mediterranean, you know that chief stew Hannah Ferrier has a unique charisma that makes for amazing television. In a recent episode of her podcast, Dear Reality, You’re Effed, Ferrier shared her experience of filming the show, discussing her anxiety and the challenges of working with a large camera crew in tight spaces.

Hannah Ferrier acknowledged that her discomfort while filming might have contributed to her compelling presence on the show. Surrounded by a large crew and guests, she found it awkward to navigate the superyacht with massive cameras and audio equipment. This discomfort, she explained, led her to react to situations differently, creating those memorable moments we love to watch.

Below Deck: The Scramble is Real

When it comes to the hectic nature of the show, Hannah Ferrier assured listeners that the scramble is very real. As the head of department, she had to deal with guests, service, the bosun, and the captain. Seventy-five percent of her day involved having a camera and audio person nearby, making it challenging to maneuver in the yacht’s luxurious spaces.

Below Deck: Keeping Up the Pace

The Below Deck crew couldn’t slow down their work for the sake of the camera crew. Hannah Ferrier emphasized that they had to do their job and the camera crew had to keep up. If guests complained about cold food, it was still the crew’s responsibility – they couldn’t blame it on filming.

Hannah Ferrier recalled instances where she’d accidentally run into cameras or audio crew members while hurrying around the yacht. Despite the mishaps, the crew understood that filming in a superyacht was different from shooting in a mansion or restaurant.

Below Deck: A Seasick Camera Crew

To make matters even more challenging, the camera crew had to deal with seasickness while filming on the rocking yacht. Hannah expressed sympathy for the crew members, who had to maintain focus on their work while battling nausea and trying to keep their balance.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor

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