Captain Kerry Titheradge Faces New Challenges in Below Deck’s Latest Season

Captain Kerry Titheradge Faces New Challenges in Below Deck's Latest Season

Captain Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck will have many new experiences in his first season of the show. Spoilers for Below Deck reveal that he will have a career first in an upcoming episode.

Bravo has shared a preview of the next episode, showing Captain Kerry preparing for weddings. He will officiate two vow renewals and one wedding for the latest group of guests on the St. David yacht.

The preview also hints at crew gossip as tensions rise among the yachties. A new feud is starting, but it likely won’t last long despite what the preview suggests to fans of Below Deck.

Below Deck’s Captain Kerry Gets Ordained for a Special Waterfall Wedding Event

Captain Kerry denied Fraser Olender’s request to dismiss Barbie Pascual. In the video, Captain Kerry then moved on to preparing for a wedding. Bosun Jared Woodin arrived to discuss the timing and setup for the event, which will be held at a waterfall.

Captain Kerry shared in his confessional that he is feeling pressure to officiate three ceremonies, something he has never done before.

Despite his lack of experience, Captain Kerry took his role seriously and got ordained for the event. He even had a sweet moment with his girlfriend, Ghönül Bihan, as he worked on perfecting his wedding speech.

Below Deck: Barbie Caught in a Love Triangle as Fraser Urges Jared to Act

Captain Kerry is busy with wedding preparations while the other yacht crew members are gossiping. Barbie vents to Sunny about work issues. Fraser tells Jared that both he and Kyle like Barbie. Fraser advises Jared to make a move on Barbie soon because he thinks she won’t be around for long.

Ben tells Barbie that Kyle and Jared both have a crush on her. Barbie admits she likes Jared more than Kyle. Ben then tells Kyle about Barbie’s feelings, but Kyle is unfazed. He believes he is a better match for Barbie than Jared.

After talking to Barbie, Sunny gets into a dispute with Ben. She is angry that Ben betrayed her on the radio in front of Captain Kerry. Sunny not only criticizes Ben but also speaks to him in a cold manner.

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