Below Deck’s Ashton Pienaar Celebrates 4 Years Sober: A Journey of Transformation!

Below Deck's Ashton Pienaar Celebrates 4 Years Sober: A Journey of Transformation!

Ashton Pienaar, known for his memorable appearances on Below Deck Seasons 6 and 7, has recently reached a significant milestone in his personal life – four years of sobriety. This journey, marked by challenges and growth, has been a transformative experience for the former yachtie, who has openly shared his reflections on this new chapter.

Below Deck Alum Ashton Pienaar Marks New Chapter

Ashton Pienaar’s time on Below Deck will be remembered for dramatic events, including a near-death experience in Season 6 and his excessive drinking in Season 7, which led to a tense altercation with castmate Kate Chastain. These moments served as a wake-up call for Ashton, prompting him to reevaluate his life choices and embark on a path towards sobriety. Following Season 7, Ashton made the crucial decision to quit drinking, a choice that has since reshaped his life.

Ashton Pienaar Finds Love and Contentment Post-Below Deck!

Embracing sobriety, Ashton has found joy and fulfillment in life’s simpler moments. Sharing his thoughts on Instagram, he expressed how playing with his dog, Bogey, and spending quiet evenings at home have brought him a newfound sense of contentment and peace. These seemingly small activities have taken on a greater significance, allowing Ashton to fully experience and appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

His journey of sobriety also illuminated special occasions, such as his intimate courthouse wedding to his long-time girlfriend, Sarah. Ashton reflected on the profound impact of being present and sober for these moments, cherishing the subtle, yet meaningful exchanges with his wife. His wedding day, once a potential blur if marred by alcohol, is now a collection of treasured memories, fully experienced and remembered.

Ashton’s transformation is a testament to the power of personal change and the impact of making conscious choices for a better life. His openness about his sobriety journey and the changes in his lifestyle have inspired many, showcasing the possibility of turning one’s life around.

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Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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