Below Deck: Jessica and The Below Deck Interior Tension

Below Deck: Jessica and The Below Deck Interior Tension

Will Jessica Albert quit Below Deck for season 9? That’s the question many Below Deck fans are asking as the Bravo hit series prepares for a two-week holiday break. It’s been a challenging season for the third star, who has been struggling since day one on “My Seanna.” Jess has admitted that she hasn’t gotten along with the crew, except for deckhands Rayna Lindsey and Wes O’Dell.

To be honest, all three of them could be leaving the show soon if the deck crew don’t get their act together.

Below Deck: Jessica and The Below Deck Interior Tension

Jessica Albert has been in contact with head roast Heather Chase and another head roast Fraser Olender. The latter two were even caught red handed when they disparaged Jessica Albert, which made for a very awkward encounter. Even the change of scenery from laundry to service didn’t give Jess the pick-me-up she or Heather were hoping for. Instead, Jess gets at odds with the rest of the crew and is clearly not happy to be back in the yachting world.

After many setbacks, Fraser addressed her comments about Jessica Albert when she stopped by Below Deck Med alumna Hannah Ferrier’s podcast “Dear Reality, You’re Effed!”. Jessica Albert, in turn, responded to Fraser and Heather’s behind-the-scenes talk when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Now, as Season 9 reaches the midway point of the season, Below Deck fans are wondering how much longer Jessica Albert can last.

Below Deck season 9 episode 9 hints that Jess wants to talk to Heather, leaving viewers with the impression that she’s finished. All signs point to Jess deciding to leave My Seanna. Jess has been so unhappy that it is affecting her and the inner collective. The show will be on hiatus until January 3, 2022, when Below Deck season 9, episode 10 will premiere. Since there is a short break, Below Deck fans should expect some sort of cliffhanger before the break. Perhaps it has something to do with Jess and her future in the series.

Whatever happens, thanks to a synopsis of Below Deck season 9 episode 10 obtained via Google, fans know that Jess is no longer part of the team.

While Heather Chase loses patience with him, Jessica Albert is sure to quit Below Deck rather than be fired.

There’s a lot of drama on Below Deck. In addition to what happens to Jess, there is Rayna Lindsey who spills the beans after Heather says a racial slur on the air. Heather apologized, but Below Deck fans don’t believe it.

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