Below Deck: Why Did Kate Chastain Exit Bravo’s Chat Room?

Below Deck: Why Did Kate Chastain Exit Bravo’s Chat Room?

Kate Chastain has opened up about leaving her Bravo chat room. The Below Deck alumna has revealed why she suddenly left the women-only chat show. Last month, news broke that Kate had left the virtual show she helped create. Bravo renewed Bravo’s Chat Room for 13 episodes. In a post to celebrate the news, Porsha Williams tagged her co-hosts Hannah Berner and Gizelle Bryant, but did not tag Kate.

It quickly became clear that the former Below Deck star had quit Bravo’s chat room. Hannah spoke briefly on the subject, sharing that Kate is working on other projects. Now Kate herself has spoken her truth, answering why she left the late night chat show.

Below Deck: Why Did Kate Chastain Exit Bravo’s Chat Room?

Kate Chastain stopped by the “What Else is Going On?” podcast to chat with host Taria S. Faison. The Bravo personality didn’t hesitate to reveal why she left the Bravo chat room.

The idea for the show was Kate’s, but it was never going to end with Zoom. Kate’s idea was for the panel to be female personal. Then the coronavirus pandemic broke out and the concept changed.

Bravo’s Chat Room originally received a six-episode order. The show’s success prompted the network to continue adding new episodes. “We got 10 more episodes, and the whole way through doing Chat Room, we were pioneers, I like to think.” Kate shared. “It’s doing really well considering it was created during such a strange time. After I did 28 episodes, the show found its vibe. I always kind of felt like, you know, that Sesame Street song, ‘One of these things is not like the other?’ I felt like that was me.” No, Kate wasn’t fired. She decided to leave. The former hunter shot down a troll on Twitter who claimed Kate was forced out of Bravo’s chat room.

Below Deck fans are still hoping for Kate Chastain’s return, especially as she will no longer be on the late night virtual show. The main roast gives no clues as to what’s next for her. “I have other things in development, I’m moving again, and I think the show is stronger for three people. They have a very similar vibe, the three of them,” Kate revealed.

She explained that for personal reasons, Kate had to move back to Florida from New York. Kate spent most of the pandemic in Florida in quarantine with her parents.

The move quashed rumours that Kate would be joining The Real Housewives of New York City.

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Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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