Below Deck Med’s Explosive Revelations: Luka Brunton and Jack Luby Spill the Tea on Andy Cohen’s WWHL!

Below Deck Med's Explosive Revelations: Luka Brunton and Jack Luby Spill the Tea on Andy Cohen's WWHL!

Season 8 of “Below Deck Med” is causing a lot of drama on reality TV. The cast’s fiery interactions have been the talk of the town. Luka Brunton and Jack Luby recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and added fuel to the fire.

Below Deck: Luka Brunton Reveals Crewmate He’d Never Work With Again!

During the episode, Luka Brunton was asked an unexpected question by a cartoon egg. He was asked to name a crew member from “Below Deck Down Under” that he wouldn’t want to work with again. Luka hesitantly named Culver Bradbury. This surprising revelation shows the complicated relationships among yacht crew members.

Jack Luby was also put in an uncomfortable position. He was asked to play a version of ‘Marry, Shag, Kill’ with his fellow crew members Tumi Mhlongo, Natalya Scudder, and Lily Davison. His answers were to marry Lily, shag Natalya, and by default, kill Tumi. Andy Cohen’s reaction to the strange question added some humor to the segment.

Below Deck Med Tensions Rise

Luka struggled to compliment Max’s work ethic. He could only say, “He means well” and “I think he tries.” This comment shows the challenges and pressures of working on a luxury yacht.

Jack’s assessment of Kyle as a bully on a scale of one to ten revealed the complex dynamics among the crew. Jack rated Kyle as an eight on a good day, showing that their relationship fluctuates between camaraderie and conflict.

“Below Deck Med” Season 8 continues to captivate viewers with its mix of drama and personal dynamics. The revelations from Luka and Jack on WWHL only add to the anticipation for what’s next on this unpredictable voyage.

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