Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Has Unresolved Conflicts With Malia And Captain Sandy

Below Deck Med: Hannah Has Unresolved Conflicts With Malia And Captain Sandy

Reunion host Andy Cohen revealed that Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean attended the reunion and added that he also thought the reunion was “good”.

Andy Cohen hosted a spontaneous Q & A as he traveled on his first commercial flight from Los Angles to New York. He asked fans a lot of questions, including one about Hannah . Ferrier’s reunion status was in question after Captain Sandy Yawn fired her when boatswain Malia White Yawn sent a photo of Ferrier’s unregistered prescription valium.

Hannah had an unresolved conflict with both Malia and Captain Sandy Yawn, and was frustrated with the way the meeting was handled.

Below Deck Med: Hannah Has Unresolved Conflicts With Malia And Captain Sandy

“If I have something to say, I’ll just come to you,” she said to Danny Pellegrino on his “Everything Iconic Podcast” about White. “I don’t have to go through Sandy or find any other way. I’d much rather have someone who’s a little blunt every now and then, but actually comes on my face. Unlike someone who is so… you know… went like that. It was, yes, disappointing,”

The viewers could also see that Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy were not in a good place before the season started. The two swapped barbs in the press, which ultimately made sense when Captain Sandy fired Hannah. Ferrier also said that season 5 was also her last in the series.

“,,I think Sandy responds very well to people who kiss a**, and I’m not good at that,” Hannah told ET. “I’m much more like, I’m here to do my job. I respect you as my captain, but at the same time I sometimes say no to her, which I don’t think is going well.

Besides Malia White and Chives, she also has unresolved feelings around the departure of chief Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran. “I’m just disappointed with how his departure went,” Ferrier to Daryn Carp on People TV. “Working with Sandy for so many years and seeing the kind of behavior she accepted, not accepted, but gave them a second chance”.

“I didn’t think he deserved to be fired for what he did,” she noted. Ferrier thought about how chef Adam Glick got a second chance after adding onions to a guest’s food when the guest asked for no onions.

“Especially when he was doing so great at that 72-board dinner,” she added. Ferrier said she and Lorran are still in touch and hope he and his girlfriend will come and visit her in Australia.

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  1. So tired of hearing Sandy talk about Hannah’s firing like Hannah or Hannah’s fans didn’t accept it. Hannah is the first to say in many interviews that she was wrong for not registering her valium prescription or her cbd pen. So If Sandy felt she needed to fire Hannah because of that then fine. It’s done. The problem is not the firing but the was everything surrounding the firing and the whole season actually is what has Hannah supporters really angry at Sandy and Malia. But Sandy primarily because like she says she’s the captain and the buck stops with her. But get this straight, it was the way Sandy treated Kiko, and fired Kiko, the way she brought bugs in when she knew how poorly bugs and Hannah did together previously, it was the lack of any support at all that Sandy refused to give Hannah in the Lara insubordination mess. It still is the favoritism that Sandy gives Malia over everyone else even to the point of Malia sneaking into Hannah’s purse and taking out her valium and cubs pen and taking a picture of it before sending it to Sandy and not facing any repercussions at all. The whole scene of Sandy following Hannah, trying to provoke her after her firing. I’m sure I could name a few more but Hannah’s firing really isn’t the reason none of us want to see Sandy ever again.

  2. When confronted about her Valium and pot pen, hannah said nothing like its a cbd pen. That and the prescription came to light after all the conflict. Hannah was guilty, it was a pot pen. Malia was a snake for digging through her purse. She should of just reported it and let the captain search

  3. Sandy has really flipped out. We get the firing of Hannah. NOT Kiko. The man just pulled off a last minute 72 portion meal! He’s never been to vegas and “vegas style” is open for miles to interpretation! Sandy, chasing Hannah down to try to get her to 20th hink she likes her? WTH? It was like Sandy was goading her. It was weird. Sandy, again, skulking around. Evesdropping on crew conversations, acting paranoid. Constantly asking guests how the food is. Like an annoying waitress. Almost like stalking. Questioning/micromanaging the chef. I hate to ask, but, is she drinking again?

  4. Move on Hannah. Take care of your new baby and consider a career where you are your own boss. It’s apparent you resent rules and regulations and are fed up dealing with people. Now is not the time to whine about it. Put you big girl pants on and move forward.

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