Below Deck Med: Malia Has Intentions Of Remaining Single During Season 6.

Below Deck Med Malia Has Intentions Of Remaining Single During Season 6.

Malia White is single and ready to mingle in Below Deck Med Season 6. The boatswain is back and is the leader of a team of men.

One of those sailors includes David Pascoe, who admits to having a crush on her. He says it’s embarrassing to like someone who works under you.

According to the preview of the next episode, they flirt quite a lot. However, it can quickly become awkward. David comes off as a bit shy when he talks to a girl he likes. Malia doesn’t seem interested in dating or hooking up this season.

The couple split shortly after filming of Below Deck Med season 5 ended. Malia took to her Instagram stories to hint that Tom had cheated on her. She confirmed it again during this season. Even though Tom has contacted her, she has no plans to get back with him. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the man from trying.

Malia White made it clear that she enjoys the single life. She hasn’t been interested in any man yet. That could all change on the team’s next outing. Malia has joked in the past that alcohol makes her fool around with men. She made out with too many men in “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 2. Monday night’s episode was a throwback to a time when Malia was in a love triangle with deck operator Wes Walton and chef Adam Glick. Eventually, Malia and Wes got together. But it didn’t come without tears and drama. They ended their relationship after filming that season and just broke up.

During the reunion, Malia White declared her love for the musician she had just met. After that, she moved on and entered into a long-term relationship with chef Tom Checketts. She has a crush on chefs and her co-workers. This could happen if Malia gives David a chance.

Below Deck Med: Malia Has Intentions Of Remaining Single During Season 6.

Malia plans to remain single in season 6. She doesn’t want her personal life to interfere with her professional life. Her companion Below Deck Med star David shared his true feelings about her. In an interview with Us Weekly, Malia said that she just has to let him go. There is no romance in the future for Malia and David. They are just good friends. She confessed that she didn’t realize he was interested in her. Malia was blind to his attempts at flirting.

She joked that alcohol gave her the courage she needed to share her feelings. Her colleague, Lloyd Spencer, was also in love with Malia, but he didn’t notice. The Bravo star has simply been concentrating on her work this season. He has enough to deal with with the drama this season.

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